Does Facebook Matter?

Do you need to be marketing on Facebook?

A friend asked me if Facebook really mattered. Was it important?

Let me put it this way.

Facebook is just ONE method of marketing, so it's not required.  But it is one of the EASIEST ways to target active MLMers.

And to build a list fast.

But you NEED a fanpage.

Get Traffic 3.0 bonus - custom fanpage

I think Facebook is one of the methods that you really should be using.  Why? Because it works.

But advertising on Facebook is a little quirky.  They have some rules you need to follow in order to get your ad approved.  Like DON'T ask for a phone number.  Facebook is paranoid about that.  And building a fanpage creates social proof – but also allows you to get around marketing your business opportunity directly, which is a no-no.

So that's where Get Traffic 3.0 comes in.

Jonathan Budd's course that will be (like his other course) only around for a short time.

But you'll also get FREE mentoring by myself AND Jonathan Budd personally… Plus a ton of great other bonuses simply for taking action early.

Look… This coaching program is really a no-brainer… It's extremely affordable and it's really going to put you at the absolute cutting edge of our industry, giving you skills that will make you a TON of money over the next few years…

Facebook IS going to be the next Google, period.  And we are at a very rare, and very profitable position right now to start tapping into this limitless traffic goldmine before the “masses”.

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You won't find any other program like this out in the market place right now… And especially for such a crazy-low price.

Again, to catch up on all of the details of this program, go to:

Get Traffic 3.0

My Get Traffic 3.0 Bonuses

So here are 7 reasons why you ABSOLUTELY want to be ready to buy Get Traffic 3.0 from me:

1.  The first 5 people who join through my affiliate link: (Get Traffic 3.0) will get a FREE 45 min. private coaching session with me personally.  This is an incredibly rare opportunity, considering I do not currently offer my coaching services to the public (valued at $500).

2. The first 10 people will get FREE Facebook FanPage custom designed like my fanpage… But custom designed for you!

3. And EVERYONE who orders will get access to a very special “MLM WordPress Domination Course” which explains how I got top rankings for over 6 companies I have been a part of.  And Why I'm #1 on Google for companies I'm no longer even involved with!

This course is absolutely for free, and will be turned into a $497 product before the end of November.

Get Traffic 3.0

Don't miss this opportunity Andrew… Trust me when I tell you that you WANT to have these facebook advertising skills under your belt…

The return on investment is going to be absolutely HUGE for you, not only for immediate results over the next few weeks, but also for years and years to come.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you in this program! 🙂

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Let's rock it out on Facebook together! Talk soon!

Cheers, Andrew Murray & Marie Torres

P.S.  Be sure you buy thru this link:

Get Traffic 3.0

… to get access to all of the bonuses! 🙂

PPS – One of my assistants made the mistake of DELETING my fanpage, so I lost all my cool FB fans!  I'll post the link to my new one shortly.

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