3 Things That Have Changed My Life This Year

I just picked up some Pao de Mafra which is some really nice crusty bread from the local bakery.

I had some time to just sit, and I wanted to share a couple of things that I have been doing formyself, and maybe they will help you too.

lisbon, portugal
My son and I walking around in Lisbon, Portugal.

First, I started creating a personal SOP. An SOP is a standard and procedures manual that is often used in corporate work. But I like the fluidity of adding to my personal life.

So in the morning, I run through a checklist/SOP and get those things done. It's a much better way to have a habit stick.

I've thought about the idea of doing these for other people – and it might work really well if you are feeling stuck.

If the idea resonates with you, contact me and we'll get your life working better.

Secondly, I have been walking in the morning. I like to get some of the beautiful Portugal sun in the mornings. I will turn on my STEPN app that pays me crypto for walking.

So not only am I getting some exercise and clearing the mind for the day ahead, but I'm starting off by generating some cash.

Here's how I do that.

And thirdly, I've taken more of a focus on helping people create their own product. Having your own product or service is not difficult and creates passive income.

Do you have an idea for a product that still needs to move forward?
If so, let's talk.

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