4 Common Misconceptions About Blogging

Maybe you've been thinking about starting a blog, and for some reason, you have failed to jump right into it. You've read several articles and blogs, watched various videos, and listened to so many friends, and now you're uncertain about whether starting a blog is a good idea. The chances are that you've been filled with one misconception or another about starting a blog. It's time to get rid of them! Here are some misconceptions you need to be aware of.

Blogging is easy

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Blogging is not easy, but it can be very rewarding.

The idea of blogging usually sounds easy, and why not? What could be so difficult about creating written content on topics you enjoy and publishing regularly? The answer is simple, a lot! The process of starting a blog in itself shouldn't be complicated, as there are numerous hosting platforms to choose from, both free and paid. Even if you have no idea how to design your blog, you can use several free templates.

However, various aspects such as gaining loyal readers, promoting merch items, paid ads, marketing opportunities, viewers, traffic, or anything that'll draw in some money, blogging isn't as easy as it seems. Blogging also requires a lot of dedication and multitasking to keep it going. Remember that regardless of your niche, you'll find other competing blogs also clamoring for the same target audience.

Results will come fast

If you're thinking about launching a blog, you will start earning income immediately, then think again! Blogging takes time to yield results. On average, it takes a consistent blogger 6 to 12 months to start earning any considerable amount. Although there are several famous and successful bloggers, many fail to mention how long it took to start seeing results. The common problem for many new or aspiring bloggers is that they create very high expectations for a short period.

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Blogging is only about writing

There is much more to blogging than merely writing frequent blog posts, podcasts, or uploading videos. Of course, regularly publishing content is paramount, but a lot more goes into making a blog successful beyond the content you publish. You need to create the correct setup for your blog, find ways to target the right audience you want, and ensure that your blog offers a healthy user experience. You need to know the type of platform to use and which options support the operating system you use on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For example, if you're a Mac OS user, you might want to check out the macOS Monterey review and the features it comes with to know how best you can use it to enhance your blog.

More traffic always means more money

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Look for smart ways to monetize your blog content.

Another misconception you probably need to be aware of is that the more views you get on your posts, the more money you make. The truth is that traffic earns money, but it may not be enough, and you still need to find ways to attract other sources of revenue like ads and marketing opportunities.

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