can gmaing boost your brain power?

4 Ways Gaming Can Help Boost Your Brain Power

Remember when you insisted that spending more time playing video games makes you lazy? Well, there is a new comeback for that. According to researchers from Queen Mary University of London and University College London, certain games can stimulate the growth of neurons and connectivity in the brain region, enhancing spatial orientation, retention, memory, strategic planning, and fine motor skills. This is significantly more advanced in the right hippocampus and right prefrontal cortex. So, you may just reconsider going for that Madalin stunt cars 3 after all because here are some ways it can help boost your brainpower:

Gaming can help boost your brainpower
Gaming can help boost your brainpower

Improved Memory

Scientists have found that certain games enhance retention, improving memory. Games create visual images that represent the information you should remember in mind. This helps jump-start your memory and ability to recall. Through stories that link unrelated words, video games improve visualization and association, which will enhance recall cues. When visualization is integrated with the association, the memory becomes more meaningful, and things become more memorable than before. Games are good at enhancing a better memory.

Makes your Brain Younger

It is well known that physical exercise keeps the body stronger, healthier, and younger. Now, researchers have found that mental exercise keeps the brain in a better position to fight aging. Games often start at more manageable levels and gradually become more complicated and harder to tackle. As you increase your skills, you find that more advanced levels are much easier, enabling you to increase the challenge level on your way up. This stimulates your brain and makes it younger than non-gamers.

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Various brain games boost your brain and cognitive function to keep you sharper.

Improved Concentration

People who play many games can multitask, perform cognitive activities like rotating things in their minds, concentrate more, and retain information compared to people who do not. It is proven that our brain predicts what’s next, whether it’s a conversation or exercise. And the brain also builds models of the real-world to sharpen prediction skills. Better models lead to better performance, and scientists suggest that gaming enhance and refine such models.

According to research by Harvard University, playing games enhance concentration, especially as you age. Even though games cannot prevent dementia, they help improve some skills that promote overall mental health.
Reduces Anxiety and Stress

An article published by PubMed Central revealed that playing video games can drastically reduce stress. Video games reduce and relieve pain when the player’s mental focus is shifted on the game they are playing.
Taking care of the brain should not be a chore. Instead, you can turn to many fun, enjoyable, and pastime ways to exercise your mind and improve your brainpower. It doesn’t matter which game you want to play; feel free to dive into something that engages your brain. No matter your age or preference, there is always a game to improve your memory, concentration, and overall brain power.

Remember, you are likely to stick to more enjoyable activities, so take your time and figure out the best game for you.

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