OK, So here’s what I did yesterday…

I’m ready to break out the superhero income.

Today I spent a little time this morning working. I took a hot bath because my back has been sore.

Then I made an appointment to see my French Osteopath.

I drove out to Kingsport,NS with Marie Sunshine Torres and my son enjoying a custom playlist I created that they both love. (Yea me!)

During my hour long appointment, Marie and Jack played in a nearby playground.

(Here’s a pic!):

Jack at the playground

Jack at the playground

It was a nice, long country drive in my fast black BMW.

Then I bought a pillow. A $120 medium down pillow from some local bed and bath store. (My Osteopath says definitively that’s the best kind.)

Then I drove up to the bank and deposited some checks I get from a sideline income stream. No lines at the bank. Life is good.

So on the way home, I saw a sign for the annual Lion’s used book sale in Wolfville, NS. Had to stop. Bought some art books, a couple personal development books, some literature, some books for Marie and a whack of books for Jack. Nice old-school fairy tale books, some really cool learning books. Some that were just stories. Cool.

Then I got a couple bottles of wine. Italian and Argentinean.

Then went to Pete’s Frootique a boutique food store in Wolfville and picked up some groceries. And I shared a nice large salad there with Marie. Buttermilk dressing and fresh Gargonzola cheese. Yes, I was excited that they had Gargonzola as an option!

Then I came home and called a couple people. Helped them. While I was doing this, Marie and Jack made homemade popsicles using pear juice, pears and avocado.

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Played with Jack. Read to him. Sat with him while he ate. Then chilled as he played “chef” in his growing “restaurant.”

Marie was downstairs on the computer.

Popsicles turned out more like ice cream, but Jack was still happy with them.
Asked him what the highlight of his day was – it was the book sale.

Checked my Paypal income. All good. Made a couple of calls. Got some new people coming into my business.

And now I’m on Facebook writing this message.

==> I made over $2890 today. While living life and spending time on my own terms. Not 1 in 100 people can say that.

superhero income

superhero income

Here’s the point – I’ve structured my business to allow me to live like this. I don’t have any debt except from my mortgage which I’m paying extra on every second week. It was not always like this.

For the last couple months, I’ve been hinting around at passive income. About multiple opportunities. About stuff I’ve been working on in the background.

Well, it’s go time.

I’m ready to start unveiling what I’ve been working on for the last 6 months.

If you have been wanting to work with me, if you are ready to get with me on some huge projects – then show me.

==> Click Here

Fill out that survey and show me you are ready. I will be using HOW you answer to prioritize my callbacks.

Let’s go!