Passive Income Rant

2 days ago I posted a video on Facebook where I showed a single income stream in which I made $21K per month with a $690 daily residual stream.

Here is part 2:

Passive Income: The MOST important thing you can develop.

I had a lot of people get really excited by my last Facebook Video – where I showed how making $690 per day was equivalent to $21K per month.

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And I wanted to share my next video.

The key point I want to impress is the CONSISTENCY of making residual income. Some business model are set up to create consistent, passive income – and some are not.

So $700 is not just $700.

Here's what I did today:

– Woke up
– Turned on computer to check appointment
– Have raw food smoothie
– Took Jack to his first kids Yoga Class (He LOVED it)
– Had bloodtest taken at kids hospital
– Had lunch with wife and kids
– Bought some art supplies and books and a toy for my son (a cool thing that encourages him to make create his own stories)
– Bought some new dishes (our old ones might have had lead)
– Drove home
– Napped
– Turned on computer for first time (NOW).

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That's basically the overview.

It occurs to me as I write this that I don't know EXACTLY how many income streams I have. Some large. Some small. But maybe that's the point.

Multiple streams of income are ingrained in my DNA.

And I just started a couple new ones (that may benefit those who get with me quick) this past week.

2013 is fresh.

But make sure you are building towards something passive.

And let me know if you need my help!

Click Here to Contact Me if you want to work with me potentially in these projects.



4 thoughts on “Passive Income Rant”

  1. HI Andrew

    You are just someone that people would love to work with, Your Video Inspire me today, What also inspire me is to see what you did for the day “Here’s what I did today:” Wow I want to say that not one day bur soon, to do what I want and not what my BOS whant me to do .

    O YES I love to be part of your team in one of your projects what you do.


  2. Hi Andrew,

    I just watched your “How Leaders Build” webinar and signed up under you for the “Empower Network”. My question was, how do I receive the bonuses that were mentioned in the webinar (3 hour blog training, Guaranteed Leads, Facebook Marketing Methods PDF for anyone that watched the webinar, etc.) and what do I do to get started? I only saw the Empower Network sign up page, but didn’t see where to access the bonuses. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you!


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