Andrew Murray

Hey, I'm Andrew. I moved to Lisbon, Portugal from Canada. Follow my journey here. I also happen to run a SAAS that helps marketers give their shared links superpowers. You can create a free account and start being more productive: Check out Linkalytics here. I'm passionate about AI and using AI tools to help creators and marketers create better content, faster. Get the jump on AI and discover free AI tools every week. Read my writings on Medium. Got a marketing question? Need some direction? Book a call with me.

LeadNetpro Review

LeadNetPro Review This post is about LeadNetPro, a robo-calling solution for Network Marketers NOTE:  If you are already a customer without support and want my DVD for personal use or for license it to your team, contact me for details! LeadNetPro is launching this month, October 2010, and is promising to be a state-of-the-art system […]

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