TeamworkPM Review – Is TeamworkPM Better Than Basecamp?

TeamworkPM Review

teamworkpm review

What is TeamWorkPM?

TeamworkPM is an online project management software that help small businesses outsource more effectively.  It basically allows for better communication amongst team members and allows you to be more organized and focus on the right tasks.

teamworkpm review
TeamworkPM Project Management software

TeamworkPM is a low-cost alternative to expensive, complicated project management software like Microsoft Project.

Is TeamworkPM a Good Basecamp Alternative?

To be honest, I currently use Basecamp for my team.  Part of the reason is it's just what we settled into.  And now that I have a large team (I manage approximately 13 different  workers across 3 continents) it's just a pain to switch.  I have used TeamworkPM in the past, and I actually prefer it.

Even though Basecamp is the defacto leader in the online project management world, it has some serious limitations.  The most annoying of which is the inability to effectively set priorities.  Basecamp sets priorities by dragging-and-dropping to the top of the task list.  So it has no way of being able to view all the most important (high priority) tasks across different projects.


Teamwork PM Review (Video Review)

Do You Need TeamworkPM?

For most freelancer and solo entrepreneurs (or micro entrepreneurs as i like to call them), the hardest part of running a business is scaling up and hiring new staff – even part-time.  But with great online tools like Elance and Upwork, it's becoming much easier.  However, working across multiple time zones can be a challenge.  That's why I started using TeamWorkPM (and eventually Basecamp.

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In order to run a real business, you need to have more people working for you.  And TeamworkPM cna help make sure you're using their time effectively.  If you're new to the idea of outsourcing, I'd recommend you pick up a book by Tim Ferriss called the 4 Hour Work Week.  It will change your perspective on this.

Here's a screenshot of the daily email you can get with TeamworkPM:

teamwork pm email

TeamWorkPM Final Thoughts

TeamworkPM really will help you with

  • Communication with your overseas workers
  • Increased project focus
  • Quicker implementation
  • Centralized resources

My TeamworkPM Bonus

Because I believe in having an effective project management software, I created a special bonus for giving it a try and becoming more productive.

If you sign up and try out TeamworkPM, I'll give you an audio recording I created called “Project Management for Internet Marketers”

Click Here to Start your Free Trial of TeamworkPM

Editors Note:

TeamworkPM has published a nice overview of TeamworkPM which features they have that Basecamp does not.


19 thoughts on “TeamworkPM Review – Is TeamworkPM Better Than Basecamp?”

    1. Personally, I think you have an outstanding product. Such a high value. And I’ve tested over 20 project management software platforms.
      I actually decided to come back to TeamworkPM after writing this post and seeing some of the upgrades you’ve done recently.

  1. Thanks for the review. I compared teamworkPM to Zoho Projects, Manymoon, BaseCamp, Dooser, and other others. TeamworkPM was the winner for us. It just seems to have the right stuff, in the right places. Easy to use, but powerful….

  2. Another alternative to basecamp is proofhub. I have used basecamp but it lacks many important features like time tracking, milestones, inbuilt browser chat and proofing tool that I found later in proofhub. Finally, I got some good alternative to basecamp.

  3. I have better option from both of these i.e Proofhub, it offers more features and also cheaper on pocket. It has features like to-do’s, notes, inbuilt chat etc.

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