Are Baby Boomers The Best Prospects To Recruit Into Your Business?

If you’ve been in this industry long enough, you’ve already heard that the Baby Boomers are the best target market to recruit into your opportunity.

Those who were born post World War 2 (specifically those born between 1946 and 1964) are currently in retirement phase or about to hit it. Unfortunately, those who are in retirement need to supplement their fixed income. Unfortunately, those who should be retired aren’t, and are still working. Unfortunately, those who are about to retire can forget it because they know they’ll outlive their money.

The home based business industry has been the focal point for many of these types of prospects. It offers them the lowest investment with the highest ROI potential in the shortest amount of time. And those marketers who’ve targeted these types of prospects correctly, have done well.

However, like any business in any industry you have to look toward the future.

What’s The Future For Our Industry?

The new prospects where the most income potential lies, is in the generation of the youngest adults. Those who are in the midst of post-secondary education or who’ve recently graduated from it.
It’s been well publicised now that the generation of current youngest adult are having a significantly tougher time living well and getting ahead than their parents. Dollar for dollar and opportunity for opportunity, they’re at a larger disadvantage than their parents were.

University degrees just don’t go as far as it used to. The cost of living is much higher now than when their parents first started out. Food is more costly, owning a home is getting to the point of being impossible.
But, this is a generation of go-getters.

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This generation won’t sit by the sidelines hoping things will get better through the efforts of politicians or in the hopes that everything will level off. This generation are looking at all of their options and the home based business industry is right on their radar.

More and more people of the current youngest generation are relying less on formal education and are looking to start their own business. And as is as it’s always been, the home based business industry provides the lowest investment for the highest ROI potential in the shortest amount of time.

How To Take Advantage Of These Young Prospects

Because of the day and age we live in, where answers to our questions and solutions to our problems are literally at our fingertips, where technological innovation is society’s number 1 priority – these type of prospects expect more.

They expect more visually and they expect more in substance. They expect to build online whether it’s a network marketing opportunity or an affiliate program. Simply put, they expect to be wowed!
Marie and I were about 23 (the same age that these youngsters who are looking to get involved) when we started. This was well into the Baby Boom rush. But that rush is coming to an end and the new blood of prospects are ready to take over. We know how to close them because we know what their looking for. We were them not that long ago.

If you want to take advantage of this trend at its early stages, Marie and I and our staff are ready to guide you!

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