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This post will explain some of the different methodologies of the iMarketsLive mirror traders and high frequency fusion traders.

For more information about iMarketsLive, read my detailed iMarketsLive review.

June 5th 2017:

???? TrendyPips ????

This Master Trader is working with the definition of lower and upper levels of a breakout. He is watching for trend lines and his strategy is based on powerful tools, which help him to define trend direction and entry points. However all trades are placed manually. “TrendyPips” usually places 1-3 trades per day and he is going to close all transactions within one day. Positions are placed on 2 symbols mainly: EURUSD and USDJPY. This signal is FIFO compliant.

???? Optimus Prime ????

In this signal are combined 2 strategies: Long-term swing trades and short intraday positions. Master Trader is using hedging positions like a manual StopLoss. So it is recommended to follow this Master with our “StopLoss option” Unchecked. This way Master can better manage his positions. Therefore it is possible to see in the same asset two positions long and one short or two shorts and one long. Normally Master trades EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDNZN, CADJPY.

Also due to big number of open positions at the same time, we would like to use this Money Management per account:

Each $500 + 0.01

$100 – $500 = 0.01
$500 – $1500 = 0.03
$2000 – $2500 = 0.05
$4500 – $5000 = 0.10

???? We also support connection of the same account to both autotrading systems: FXsignalsLive and FusionTrader. This one account can’t be connected to FXsignalsLive twice. Only to 1 Master. In case you have chosen “Optimus Prime” we advise you to keep this account connected only to Fusion as this Master is very active.

June 6th 2017:

Trader Name: -Mr Consistency-

Signal Provider is using automated system in order to find appropriate entry points. Positions are closed manually. His aim is 1,500 pips per month. This is extra active Master Trader and therefore number of opened positions can be up to 12. Average time for trades to be closed is 2-4 hours. All positions are intraday and only in rare situations can be closed on next day.

Recommended lot size (risk) for this Trader is 0.01 per $500 in your brokerage account. Example, if you have $1,000 then you make your lot size 0.02 if desired. Also make sure the ‘stop loss' box is un-checked.

We also support connection of the same account to both autotrading systems: FXsignalsLive and FusionTrader. This one account can’t be connected to FXsignalsLive twice. Only to 1 Master.

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** In case you have chosen this Master we advise you to keep this account connected only to Fusion as this Master is very active.

Here is an update on the Fusion Traders:

We added several new Masters to our platform a few weeks ago. One of these new masters is Optimus Prime which has shown excellent results so far. Anyhow we have noticed that not several accounts were not able to handle all Master’s trade because they were not following recommended settings. Therefore we have added several features to protect all clients, mitigate risk and maximize the experience.

Optimus Prime can be chosen for accounts in which the deposit is equal to or more then $500. Therefore this Master is available in the dropdown menu only after the client’s account is connected and account balance is updated on site. (Account balance could take some time (usually1-4 hours) to upload and verify.)

Lot size for this particular account is calculated with separate formula: 0.01 per each $500 max. (If you want to know your lot size just divide your current balance by 50000 and then you'll have the lot size you should choose.)

Example: 4678$ / 50000 = 0.09 lot size

Moving forward with Optimus Prime the system will not let you go above 0.01 per $500 for Optimus Prime.

We also reset lot sizes to 0.01 across the board for all users. You must go in and properly adjust your lot size for IMLFusion if you're above $1000 balance and wish to be above a 0.01 lot size!

The rest of the Master Traders are available with same settings as they were. We still accept accounts with deposit starting from $100 and lot size per other Masters are calculated as it was before: 0.01 per each $100. However for Mr Consistency we recommend to use the lowest lot size as this is ultra risky Master Trader and number of opened positions can be up to 12 or more.

July 22 2017:

All these traders have shown amazing results during the testing period which you can see in their profiles on the Market Place. Here is the brief description for each Master separately. We recommend to choose Master Trader based on your deposit, your expectations, and your manual trades on same account.

Athenean Scalp Trader: this trader is very aggressive which can lead to many position opened at one time, but also high risk and margin usage at times. 1:200 and higher leverage is recommended. He uses an intraday strategy with some swing positions based on Elliot waves.
Minimum account size to start: $500
.01 per $500 – aggressive risk
.01 per $1000 – moderate risk
.01 per $1500-2000+ – conservative risk

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Intraday Trader – Darth Trader: Major Pairs traded are with AUD. This master uses grid on major key levels and is willing to close positions in minus if trend is changing to avoid drawdowns of 30%+. Awareness of fake breakouts and proper risk management is a part of his mindset. He is removing grids on high spread peaks to avoid a large triggered amount of trades in both directions. Sometimes he is re-entering the same positions with limit orders on a pair to close drawdowns by offsetting on retracements.
Minimum account size $100
.01 per $250 – aggressive risk
.01 per $500 – average risk
.01 per $1000 – conservative risk (recommended)

Macgyver Waves: intraday strategy based on Elliot waves with a high win ratio, this master looks for short movements in the markets, with few entries in a short-medium time. This master normally has short drawdown or zero.

Minimum amount to join this master $500.
.01 per $500 aggressive risk
.01 per $750 average risk
.01 per $1000 conservative risk

We would like to remind you that that we have a “Stop Signal” option on our website which is recommended to be used before switching between any Masters. Stop Signal will set back any new trades placed by your chosen master. At the same time all previously opened trades will be managed by the system and will be closed simultaneously with your master trader.

This option should be enabled in cases where you want to stop getting any new trades copied from your master, to change your master trader, or to stop any activity on your account. For any of the above mentioned situations – enable this option and wait until all current trades are closed, only then select a new Master trader, or disconnect your account from our system.

Two new master traders added to iMLFusionTrader!

After a very successful testing period we are excited to announce the additions of our 7th and 8th masters to iMLFusionTrader.

Their stats from testing period are available in the market place on Fusion website and you can connect to these traders now if you wish.

***Their trades will begin copying Sunday night into Mondaymorning!***

IML Fusion Trader

Introducing Zeus 

This master has been trading and making a full time living in the Forex market for 15 years. Trading is his passion.

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He Is a very active trader and is using an intra day model with goals to close all trades by end of the day/week so clients can withdraw profits if necessary. He trades all sessions and moves between many different major pairs to help maximize opportunities and profits.

This master does hedge occasionally but not often and does not hold trades long term. Drawdown will be at a minimum as he is quick in and out of the market with high probability trades.

His goal is 1400-2000 pips per month and is focused on helping people consistently earn day by day and over a long period of time!

Recommended risk settings are:

$350 min deposit start size

.01 per $500 is aggressive
.01 per $750 is moderate
.01 per $1000 is conservative

Introducing Yoda 

This master is very active and brings many years of dynamic trading experience to the platform. He is trading intra day and high probability swings and will not aim to hold trades any longer than 1-2 days. He is using Elliot Wave and higher time frame analysis for overall trend identification… then moves back to lower time frame for pinpoint entries to reduce risk of any drawdown.

His goal is 100 pips per day and will enter 2-3 pairs a time with 3-5 entries per pair. This is a low risk, high probability strategy that has been very effective and consistent.

 .01 per $250-500 should be a comfortable range for your lot size setting for accounts less than $2000 but for accounts larger than $2000… .01 per $500-1000 would be even safer due to amount of trades and responsible compounding of the account long term.

You can join iMarketsLive here.

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