Best To Do App

I have been really digging the new Things 3 app.

It's really, really well designed and functions perfectly.

I have tested out a ton of To Do apps, and I'm really into this one.

I love the interface.  I love the “Evening” function, and the project headings.

This is a nice video review:


There is a lot of functionality, but it's been kept simple at the same time.   Perfect example of the “less but better” principle.

Looking for a fantastic To Do App?

Mac users? Take a peek here.

It's also on iOS for iPhone and iPad.

Previously I was using TeuxDeux, which has a completely different spin on the To Do list.  It's just a little weak on projects, but it's very unique and works well if you have a simple business.

What is your favorite To Do app?

Let me know what you're using by commenting below.


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