Intern Profits: Do You Need To Hire An Intern?

Intern Profits: Review, Bonus, Thoughts

I have just launched a new website and bonus package for intern profits – the new business-strategy product from Justin and Dreama Lee.

As a top Internet marketer, I get asked to promote a lot of products because of my marketing ability and reputation as an award-winning marketer.

I turn down most JV offers.

One of the areas I really do like is with products that are based on a real sold business foundation.

The #1 problem Internet business owners face is scalability.  Most Internet marketers could be considered micro-business owners.  The technology has made  it pretty easy to run a productive and profitable business on a shoestring budget.  But moving from a one man show to a real, multi-person small business is tricky.  And all successful network marketers will face this problem.  In fact I struggled with this for years.

The problem is one of lifestyle.  So many business owners have no time leverage because they fill so many roles.  So they end up stuck earning a good income, but having no time to enoy it.

And as any business owners knows, a business is about leverage.  And thats what having an intern can do for you.

Concerns about Intern Profits

Some concerns business owners have about hiring an intern include…

Concerns about interns include security.

This is something you just need to get comfortable with.  People are looking for help, you need to learn to outsource and delegate.  Perfectionism is an inhibitor to true business growth.

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Concerns about payment

Interns are flexible. You may choose some form of monetary compensation, but you're giving real practical hands on experience, which is invaluable to a university student, hungry to proofs their worth to a new employer.

In fact, many graduates are caught in a catch-22 of no experience which is the number one thing employers look for in a student just out of college, and no job.

Interns are flexible.

They can work on your schedule.  And only part time or as needed.  And it's hard to find scalable help that is qualified with skills to really move your business forward.  Part of the reason scalability is so hard is because hiring a full-time position is not really what's needed – and it may put your business under too much cashflow strain.

For example, I need graphics done periodically.  But I'd never have enough work for a full-time graphics person.  However, while graphics are usually in the realm of freelance work, an intern, or a right-hand person to work closely with the business owner is often full-time or nothing!

I'll never forget the story my father told me about when he and his parter hired their first employee.  (They had started a commercial real estate company in Mississauga, ON in the 70's called

He told me, he and his partner, Bruce Diamond, kept trying to come up with tasks for her to do, which distracted themselves from their work – and it drove them both nuts that she was sitting there doing nothing for alrge parts of the day with nothing to do.

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It's very, very hard to scale up your business with full-time positions initially.  But it doesn't have to be if you learn how to hire an intern.

And you can learn how to hire an intern at InternProfits (and get a 10-step PDF that shows you exactly how to do this for free.)

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