FB Webinars Review

FB Webinars Review

fb webinars review

FB Webinars is a new evergreen (or automated) webinar system created by Scott Boulch and Todd Thompson.

Check Out A Demo of FBWebinars

Bascially the premise is this – you can run automated webinars INSIDE of Facebook.  Now of course, it makes sense, but I actually found FB Webinars had a couple of really interesting things that made it even better.  We'll get to that in a second.

Webinars are the BEST for selling anything.  Because they are a potent mix of sales and education.  Eveyrone knows webinars sell better, and video salesletter convert at rates unheard of for text-based copywriting.  But what exactly does do, and is it necessary?

FB Webinars allows you to go where people are spending their time.  Facebook recently overtook Google as the #1 site in the world for time-on-site.   So you have the natural place where people feel comfortable and want to spend time – a receptive audience if you will – and a powerful automated system for webinars.

[notification type=”success”] We can setup your FB Webinars account is you need help. Just contact me and let me know how I can help you design your webinar – or just load it correctly on FB Webinars and integrate it with your affiliate program (if needed.) [/notification]

Before we get into some of the features about FB Webinars, I wanted to briefly talk about the main benefits of the FB Webinars platform:

  1. It captures your prospects REAL email address
  2. It encourages viral sharing (which significantly reduces your advertising costs)
  3. Webinars have high conversion rates
  4. It has flawless tracking and you can followup with people who have attended your webinar via Facebook or email
  5. It integrates with your affiliate program
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FB Webinars makes your webinar secure

One of the interesting things I noted was that my firefox plugin I use to download sales videos without waiting did not work.  So everyone has to watch your video in real time – which is great for marketers.

FB Webinars captures your prospects email address

When your prospect wants to watch your video (and this can be turned off) they see an intro screen that asks them to click “allow” in order to watch it.  Using the default video from the company, I got a 44% allow rate in a small test I did recently.  (FB Webinars has great tracking, by the way.)  Now not only is that an extremely HIGH opt-in rate, but when somebody clicks “allow” their email address is automatically added into my Aweber autoresponder account.

(FB Webinars works with other email prodivers like MailChimp, Getresponse and iContact also.)

Now the really cool thing is that people generally use their throw-away email addresss when they sign up for opt-in pages – so many of them never see your followup email messages.  But people generally use their MAIN email with Facebook, so you actually get their BEST email address.

This is extremely valuable – and even more so looking at 2012 and beyond.

Plus, it has a built-in CRM that allows you (or an assistant) to contact webinar atendees via Facebook or email AFTER the webinar.  That will reduce your lead costs and give you a higher ROI also!

FB Webinars has done-for-you webinars

FB Webinars allows you to have 5 active webinars running at any time.  These are webinars you can use to sell your own products, your network marketing business (or any video file), or training webinars in which you sell affiliate products.  There are tons of possibilities.

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But in addition to your 5 webinars, there are several done-for-you webinars that you just need to plug in your affiliate link into in order to make money.

FB Webinars handles all the technical stuff

I was impressed that FB webinars was pretty non-technical to setup.  It has good instructional videos.  Direct and to the point.

FB Webinars – Viral Beast

The best part of FB Webinars is the viral aspect.  I re-recorded a couple of my webinars to add in a call to action near the beginning where I offer a free product of mine in exchange for “sharing” this webinar with their friends.  This viral aspect gives increased exposure of my marketing message – plus is reduces my advertising costs significantly.

On average, each person shares the webinar with 6 people!  That's huge!  But even better, it reduces my costs by as much as 2/3rds.  So it makes sense if you plan on doing webinars at all to use it.  If you do ANY advertising on Facebook in particular, I would consider the mandatory because of the increased conversions, because people can stay on Facebook, and because it would give you 3 times the traffic for the same price.

FB Webinars – Instant MLM Builder

FB Webinars also has a cool feature that allows you to convert your account to a “Master Team” account.  (Don't worry, it's free!)  And once you have done that it allows you to assign 1 or more of your 5 webinars over to promote your MLM opportunity.

Basically, it allows your downline to promote only that webinar – and have the call-to-action link to their MLM replicated website.  It charges team members only $9.95/mo and they cannot create webinars, but just use the one you assigned to the “Master Team”

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I know it sounds a bit complicated, but if you are a Network Marketing leader, ask me for more details.  It's killer!

FB Webinars – Affiliate Program Integration

FB Webinars also allows your affiliates to promote your FBWebinar for free.  It integrates with EVERY affiliate program.  I tested it out on one of my affiliate programs running on the Digital Access Pass Membership Software/Affiliate Program.

This is super powerful – because not only can you have the leverage of affiliates – but now you get added reach because of the viral nature.

FB Webinar Bonus

Obviously, I'm smitten with FB Webinars.

I think you should be too.  So check out the demo and see it it's for you.  If it is, I have a special bonus for anybody who buys FB Webinars through my link.

I have a secret internal “Best Practices” guide for automated webinars – which includes how to sell affiliate programs via webinars.   This special report is NOT FOR SALE and only available if you join FB Webinars through my link.

Check out the demo of FB Webinars

FB Webinars is no longer available.

14 thoughts on “FB Webinars Review”

  1. Hey Andrew,

    Seen as FBWebinars is 18 – 24 months old and with thongs changing all the time, how up to date is it?

    I also think I might of saw some where that you are with Empower Network, how effective have you found FB Webinars for builing that?

    ~ David

    1. It works great. As Facebook becomes more invasive and people become more comfortable with it, it works better.

      I tend to keep webinars a little shorter on FB Webinars that the extra-long ones I do outside FB Webinars. I created a private Empower Network webinar that is pretty hot. Are you in EN?

    1. Yes. You can let them promote it for free – if you set it up like an affiliate program.

      But if you want them to have a back office and be able to see (and message via FB/email) the people they referred, then you set it up as a “Master/MLM” account and they have their own call to action which would link to their replicated site in whatever company it is.

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