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FIFA 20 Headliners Free Card: Get Alassane Plea For Your FUT Team Fast

Hey FIFA 20 gamers,

This post is how to get Alassane Plea, the Bundesliga striker available as an OVR 86 Headliners card for free via objectives. It is a sick card, and it's actually not that difficult to achieve.

I knocked off the through-balls and headers on Word-Class/Legendary difficulty while doing the Icon Swaps Single Player Objectives at the same time.

How To Get Alassane Plea Headliners (86 OVR) Fastest Method for FIFA 20

Get Alassane Plea from the Bundesliga Borussia Mönchengladbach M'Gladbach for free during the FIFA 20 Headliners Promotion. Starting now.

This post will help with the Plea objective in FIFA – so you can get the Alassane Plea Headliners cards for you Fifa 20 FUT team.

Objective 1: Assist 5 goals using Through Ball (Y) in Squad Battles min. Professional difficulty

Objective 2: Score 2 Headers in Squad Battles min. Semi-Professional difficulty

Objective 3: Score using Bundesliga and Ligue Un players in 4 separate Rivals wins.

Objective 4: Score at least 2 goals using French players in 4 separate Rivals matches.

As mentioned in the video, here are some players that are good at heading:

  • Sergio Ramos
  • Bas Dost
  • Olivier Giroud (who is also French and will help with the 2 goals from French players in Rivals mode objective.)
  • Edison Cavani (who is in Ligue Un for the time being as he might move to Athletico Madrid in Spain. He is good for the Rivals objective scoring with a Ligue Un player and a Bundesliga player in a Rivals win.)
  • Fellaini
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Aduriz
  • Luuk de Jong (Not the midfielder!)
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Here's a link to some of the players with the best heading stats in FIFA 20.

Important: How to do headers in FIFA 20

Tips for heading in FIFA 20: Timing is key for heading in FIFA 20. Be sure to make use of the heading modifiers.

LB+RB for downwards header. RB for power header.

What I learned from the corners is that its a three-phase thing and you have to press B/O twice.

Phase 1: Jostling for position inside the box, which includes creating space and moving the payer you want to send the cross to using the RB button.

Phase 2: When the cross is coming in press B/O to go up for the header (this is a timed action)

Phase 3: press B/O again to head it on goal. Here is when you choose your modifier (downwards header / power header.)

Stats matter now for heading more than ever.

Here’s a tip. Press and hold RB/LB (R1/L1) while jumping and then press the shoot button.

Julian Draxler is a good one for your team to do this FIFA 20 FUT Headliner objective as he is Germany and in Ligue Un.

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