Money As Debt Documentary

If you haven't seen this  47-minute animated movie, it's required.  Absolutely a riveting eye-opening watch!  This will expose Debt as you've never understood it before.

This is a riveting documentary that will explain debt as you never understood it fully before.

You'll learn about the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation and how banks lend out money they don't have in reserve, which would be fraud if an individual did the same thing.

You'll also learn how money evolved from beads to gold to fiat currency.

Highly recommended for any entrepreneur or young person.

You will learn more about how money really works.  Forget everything you've learned before.

This shows how debt grows and how insidious it is.  You will learn about the secret meeting on Jekyl Island, Georgia.

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10 thoughts on “Money As Debt Documentary”

  1. I read years before a booklet called Billions for the Bankers Debts for the People and of course the Creature from Jekyll Island. The first came out in the 70’s! I really marvel at how they have been able to maintain the smokescreens for so long!

  2. What a great video! What we think is money is not and learning about it makes it easier to conjure our own ideas about how to make our lives and the lives of others if we want it – much better.

    Everybody should watch this video, you’ll be much better off if you do. Learners are earners.

    1. Thanks Paul. I love the Money Is Debt video. It’s surprising how effective it is at communicating economic principles that I never understood before like inflation and the unethical fractional reserve banking system. I watch this video every year or so as a refresher.

  3. It’s nice to see this video, very easy to understand. I learn something from it. I now understand how money really works! Thanks for sharing such informative post.

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