how to download an instagram live story

How To Download Instagram Live Stories

Have you ever seen an Instagram Live and wanted to keep a copy of it for any reason?

Perhaps you were featured in somebody else's IG live story, like a testimonial or a shout out – and you wanted to keep a portion for yourself.

Well you have to act fast, because there is a time limit to making this work.

But if you act swiftly right now, you can download and save that Instagram Live – and here's how to do it – for free, no less.

How To Download an Instagram Live Video:

Actually, it's pretty easy to do.

You can download and save somebody else's Instagram Live and here's how you do it.

You'll Need This To Download The Instagram Live Story:

First, you need this Chome Extention

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Secondly, you follow the instructions on the video.

Third, you need to combine the audio and video tracks using any video editor.

I use Filmora, which works on both Mac and PC.

It's actually my preferred video editor on my MAC – even better than iMovie!

And that's how you download an Instagram Live story that somebody else put up as an Instagram Story.

Let me know if this works for you!

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