How To Exude An Aura Of Successful Confidence

In today’s fast-paced and over-saturated world, you need to stand out amongst the masses to get your business noticed. If you are just starting your entrepreneurial endeavours it can be difficult to make contacts, secure funding, and scale growth. All of these things can lead to a diminishing confidence level both at work and at home. There are a handful of things you can do to show you deserve a seat at the table and are ready to innovate. Continue reading to learn some tips and tricks on how you can show you are meeting your goals, even if you are still working on them.

Dress like a boss

Dress the Part

When you show up to submit an application to the bank for a business loan, you should not don a hoodie and sneakers à la Mark Zuckerberg. What works for him will probably not work for you until you achieve a certain level of success. Likely, you will not be portraying the diligent business person you wish to show the world if you select that attire. 

What you can do, however, is dress the part. Wear clothing that is appropriate to the task at hand. To continue with the example, if you have that previously mentioned bank meeting to secure a loan, you should wear a clean and pressed business suit. While you are preparing your outfit, remember the details. 

Another item to consider to enhance your wardrobe is a nice watch. You can find a wide variety of high-quality men's watches to choose from that will fit your price point, style, and desired look. Depending on your preferences, adding tasteful jewelry, matching socks (people do notice), and a clean purse or bag will finish off the look you are going for. Regarding the bag, when you show up with an old, dishevelled bag or portfolio, it reflects your efforts in self-care; which, in turn, may reflect how you will satisfy the terms of your loan.

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Do not overlook your coiffure. Schedule a haircut before an important meeting and ensure you maintain it regularly. Always build in a few minutes before appointments to stop into the restroom and inspect yourself. Fix your hair, straighten your clothing, and spot-clean your shoes if needed. When you look good, you feel good.

Show Them You Are Prepared

Back up your confidence with a healthy dose of knowledge and preparation. Even if you do not have years of collective experience behind you, you can learn about your industry. You can glean the best practices of your business vertical by studying the successes and failures of those who have come before you as well as your contemporaries. 

When knowledge is on your side, you will come to any situation much better prepared. You will have the ability to command the room and control the conversation as needed simply because you are well-versed in the content. It is helpful to take stock of your achievements to date and reflect on how you earned them.

While knowing your content is essential, you also need to practice. If you have a meeting and feel unsure of yourself, write down potential conversation points. Include questions you have for others and questions they may ask of you. Practice how you will answer the questions and include any follow-up information for clarification needs.

Part of being prepared is having a plan. When a bank lender or business affiliate asks you for your business plan, you should be able to discuss it with ease. Part of the plan needs to include incremental goals that you intend to achieve for your company and the details on how you will get to those specific points.

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When conducting business with others, never show up empty-handed. Sure, you can pull out your smartphone and add notes on it. Unfortunately, it will likely look like you are too focused on your device than on the conversation. Instead, add a clean notepad and two or three pens (just in case one runs out) into your portfolio or bag. Use those items to take notes and make reminders. It shows that you are prepared and actively listening when you exhibit those traits.

Watch this video from a body language expert to learn how to show confidence.

How To Exude An Aura Of Successful Confidence
Success is now…waiting for you to show up!

Sometimes a fake it until you make it attitude will help you stand a little taller and give you that boost of confidence you need. Adding a few creative accoutrements, dressing the part, and preparing for whatever comes next in your path will all serve to help bolster your confidence and lend to your successes

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