How To Learn Quicker

New information now comes at us at a blistering pace.

A key differentiator in success is the ability to quickly assimilate and apply new knowledge.  And it's important that you can maximize the results you want to get out of a book.  In the realm of non-fiction, whatever you read is presumably because you want to retain and absorb as much new information as you can.

Here are 5 tips to get the most out your non-fiction reading.

  1. Have A Purpose

Be clear on what you want to get out a particular book.

Don't consume just because its there.  There are hundreds of relevant books you could choose to spend your time and attention on at any time.

Be extremely selective in deciding what you are going to invest your time and energy into.

Once you do that be clear on your purpose.  Think about what you want to get out of that particular book.  And if you're not clear, select something else.

One key tip is to focus on books that will help you with your largest challenge.

Limit your projects and focus to ONE business (and possibly ONE personal goal) at a time.

This will help you get more done by the maxim simplify to maximize.


2. Teach it

The biggest thing I've learned is that if you can teach something, you know it.  There are different levels of knowledge (much like different levels of awareness for example), and being able to teach concepts to somebody else means you have mastered that level.

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This is something we have pioneered in our delivery of training for our MHUB course.  We call it the “Mastery Method” of learning.

So go into any book with the idea that you want to understand this so well you could teach it to somebody else – or at least have a heck of a conversation about an expert in that field.


3. Mental connection

Read actively.  Re-read important sentences as you would a highlight.

Take a few moments to ponder important points and think them through – especially if you think they can be applicable to your own life or business.

Knowledge is everywhere.  Understanding how to apply it to your own situation is the “new black.”

More than ever, context is important.  Where you get your information from is key.  Try to keep this in mind as you assimilate new information.

4. Visualize yourself mastering it.

When are you are away from the book, spend some idle time not jumping on your smartphone, but mulling it over in your mind.

Think about how it could be applied in a new way.

Pattern is the enemy of thought.


5. Implement immediately.

Take the biggest core idea and put it into action now!

The quicker you can put it into action (literally hours!) will help cement the new knowledge into your brain.

As Joe Vitale says, “Money loves speed.”

So take action now.

I also love the concept I learned from David Allen of GTD/Getting Things Done fame.

He posits that if something – even something relatively unimportant takes 2 minutes or less to handle, just do it now and get it over with.

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What are you going to right now?


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