Quick Guide For Winning At Everything You Do (4 Easy Steps)

Quick guide for winning online in whatever you do.

(You might want to print this!)

Step 1: Clarity

Clear your clutter.  Clear your desk.  Breathe.  Get focused.

You have to be in the present to win.

Step 2: Research

A good marketer spends his/her time planning.  Study your competition.  (Really study them, don't do this randomly.)  Take notes.  Find their ads.  Find their product offers.  Research keywords.  Research best monetization points.  Research to find opportunities on YouTube and in paid advertising.

Time spent in quality research mode will shave an INCREDIBLE amount of time from your path to success.

It's ok if you find a better idea and re-do this step.  Happens all the time.

Currently, I am using this tool to research.  What you can do with it is off the hook.

Step 3: Implement

Run like the wind in the direction you have chosen.

Ignore obstacles and especially distractions.

Consider doing your own webinar.  In most cases, except for possibly e-commerce, it's the fastest way to profit.

Step 4: Advertise and Scale

You need to run paid advertising, or you don't have a sustainable business.  Posting on social media is not enough.

I will be doing a training on advertising in the near future.

Step 5: Refine

I'm all about Kaizen….the Japanese management principle of  “constant innovation.”

See what areas you can improve on or outsource.

Reach out to somebody who can help you.

Stay the course.

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