How To Make Money With A Blog

Blogging is big business in 2020.

And starting a blog is one of the most profitable side-hustles you can create online.

Let's go through some of the main reasons why starting a blog could be your first profitable online business.

1 You Started A Project

To create something new, you need to make a change. And, let's face it, the school system does not encourage you to make a change or to start something new. It's hard.

It takes an idea + initiative in order to create something. So you've already set the action in motion.

2: You can slowly chip away at your goals

Look, I get it, starting a blog with a single post and creating an authority site seem so far apart. But I can tell you from personal experience, that it starts with that single step forward.

You don't need a lot of time to start a blog. You just need a few quality minutes to compose your thoughts and start putting them into action.

And in 2020, you don't need to be a writer. There are free tools like Grammarly that can fix up your sentences and make them sound much more polished – almost like an AI editor sitting on your shoulder!

As long as you publish new posts consistently, your reach will grow. Your followers will grow. Your commenters will grow. It all happens organically, unlike the “get rich quick” that doesn't work online.

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3: You move from Consumer to Creator

This is a big shift. And I have heard this echoed by MANY successful entrepreneurs I know online.

Everyone starts out consuming. Watching videos on YouTube. Reading blog posts. Signing up for Free Reports.

But it's when you start to actually CREATE, that the magic happens.

And as a HUGE side benefit, when you teach something, you end up learning it better, in a more fluid, internal way than you understood it before. Maybe that's because you have to think about the process a bit more rather than just doing it. Maybe i's because you have to break things down a little bit more. But this is a huge benefit.

Want to learn how to cook? Teach somebody. Want to learn how to draw? Teach somebody else.

And here's another little tip. There is a line from the old Eric Burdon & The Animals song, “No Self Pity”

And no matter how fine you are

There is always somebody finer

And no matter how low you are

There is always somebody lower

And no matter how fast you are

There is always somebody faster

-Eric Burdon & the Animals – No Self Pity

This is a song I discovered from an old LP at my parent's cottage. It's right in the middle of the psychedelic spectrum of classic rock. Anyhow, enough of a side jaunt. Let's get back into it.

The point is that you may discount what you know. But there are a ton of people who know far less than you that are happy to learn from you. So don't get blinded by looking at the icons who know more than you. That's just a bad comparison – and it will hold you back.

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4: You control your income

You start to control your income and can earn money from a variety of ways from your blog.

It's a wonderful feeling when you start to create a passive income from your own laptop.

Need more money? Create more posts. Want to boost your income? Find an affiliate program related to your blog and write a blog post about it directly or indirectly.

If you want to find out more about writing a blog, read this post.

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