How to use Gamification In Your Business

Have you heard of gamification?

If not, you need to start paying attention to it as a marketer.  It a fantastically clever way of using powerful psychology to engage and hook your potential customers and clients – and you need to learn how it works.

Fortunately, this blog post will explain how you can start easily using it to build your business.

Gamification is the intentional addition of “gaming” elements to your marketing campaigns.

So the concept of “leveling up” or reaching certain measurable levels – and it's very, very effective.

If you notice, ALL of the “Kickstarter” type portals use gamification tied into social sharing.

Because when you can incentivize new subscribers to SHARE on real social networks, you reach people you would not have touched through your marketing – and collect new subscribers and sales.

And it's quite effective.

How does it work?

It's probably best if you check out this demo video:

Cool eh? You can check out some case studies of how different businesses are using gamification here.

About halfway on that page you’ll see various case studies…

– One that resulted in 310,931 visitors (which started with only 385 visitors :o)
– Another one that resulted in 69,072 visitors (and 16,653 qualified email subscribers)

… but that’s only a small peek of what this gamification software, UpViral has done.

Want me to continue? Well, sure!

– Matthew has used UpViral to collect 114,485 leads in less than 30 days.
– Troy has collected more than 208,000 subscribers using UpViral.
– Michael has built a responsive 30,000+ list in less than six months.
– Travis has collected well over 15,000 leads with UpViral.

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… and the list goes on and on.

Check out more results here.

I have started to use this on my webinar registration thank you pages.

Instant traffic.  Good traffic.  Not gimmicky stuff.

As you know, I don't promote ANYTHING that is junky or gimmicky.

Time to get your GAME on!

PS – This is the best kind of social media traffic – because you don't need to create HOURS of content trying to get some organic social media traffic.  This is viral.  And it works.

Have a good incentive to share, and your visitors will want to “play”.

PPS – A good idea is if you give away a video training, incentivize them to share it to get the worksheet.  I have used that model – and it works.

Want to start getting FREE traffic from social media?  Click Here to read more about how UpViral works.

I guarantee you'll get some ideas for how you can use it for your business.

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