What Gets Measured Gets Managed

I can still remember how that phrase got stuck in my head.

Like a handful of phrases I learned early in my marketing career, some just stuck there, and as I developed and matured as a marketer, they became the building blocks on the kind of marketer I became.

Know who said them?

Peter Drucker.

Peter Drucker was an old-school management guy.  He was kinda like the Warren Buffet of management.  He came up with incredibly obvious, moments of genius like this that nobody else previously had been able to encapsulate.

“What gets measured, gets managed…”

Of course.

If you want to improve in some area, be it financial, weight, health, you need to TRACK it.

You need to measure what you want to improve.

Then, by almost magic, you start seeing improvements!

That’s why I track my expenses with

I can tag everything (and set rules so most of that happens automatically) and I can see where my money is being spent.

That’s why I do up my cloud accounting in Xero every month so I can get fresh eyes on what’s moving.

It’s why I use Clicky for web analytics (which is easy for people who are not used to Google Analytics.)

When I lost 40 pounds, I weighed myself and measured my BMI.

If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing.  And guessing is not a business.

Which brings me to Paypal.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Paypal because as a Canadian, they force me to convert to CAD in order to put it into my bank account.  I also find their reporting weak.  And it’s hard to find transactions for refunds and such.  They don’t have a great system for seeing your monthly income fluctutations and setting income targets.

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That’s why I’m stoked about PayDrill.

Real, hardcore analytics for your Paypal account.

“What gets measured, gets managed…”

Remember, if you intend this to be a major source of income, you need to be able to see the data.  And it’s a huge time saver.  Paypal has to be one of the slowest websites around, lol.

If you use Paypal, you need to get PayDrill.

Anyhow, I hope this lesson was helpful for you.


PS – What do you track?  Hit reply and let me know, cuz I’d love to know if you have a fav tool for tracking something that’s important to you!

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