Is It TooDamnEasy?


TooDamnEasy Review

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting scam. There are many warning bells that go off when reviewing the Too Damn Easy cash gifting program that should cause you to stop and take note of what is happening and, in our opinion, definitely not get involved in something like this.

Who Actually Owns


Knowing the person behind the program always helps to build trust. When someone won’t even tell you their first or last name there is good reason to be sceptical and this is just a first point of concern – who actually owns and runs Too Damn Easy? Too Damn Easy is supposedly run by someone who calls themselves ‘Q’ but who is ‘Q’? What is their actual name? How will I contact ‘Q’ or even learn more about this mystery person? Already the warning bells against this program are ringing loud and clear.

TooDamnEasy Has NO Products


You are giving away large sums of money but what are you actually getting in return? Too Damn Easy seems to actually pride themselves on not having products. In any genuine business though your money should actually be purchasing something of value, whether it is a digital product or a physical product and the financial benefits be an added advantage, but this makes the only value the financial aspect – if you can actually make money from this program.

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High Investment Costs = Low Sign Up or No Sign Up


Too Damn Easy has very high joining costs (starting at $6,600) and this means that very few people can actually afford to send you this type of money. Many people today are simply struggling to make ends meet without having to give away huge sums of money like this. What will happen if you pay out this sum and then can get no one to sign up under you? Too Damn Easy makes it sound too easy but the truth is that it is not that easy to get people sending you this kind of money.

Is It Really Tax Free?


Another claim made by TooDamnEasy is that the earnings you get from this program are tax free. Although tax law does say that gifts up to $13000 are tax free a good lawyer can easily prove that this is a business and not really a gift and so the chances of getting caught for tax evasion should you try not to pay tax on these earnings is highly likely.

This program shows virtually every sign of being a scam – no products, no names given, and high investment costs for no guarantee. Although the marketing of this program may be very compelling and hard hitting be extra cautious with programs like this and don’t be deceived and abused into choosing a program that you are not happy with and where you are not going to get true value.

TooDamnEasy Alternative

There are programs with high profit margins that are NOT scams.  Some information marketing businesses – which sell REAL products even offer 100% commissions.

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The one I really like, and am getting AWESOME conversions on is the Rod Stinson program, known by the name Pizza Box Formula.  You can watch a webinar that explains about the highest converting high-ticket program on the internet, the Pizza Box Formula here.

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