LeadNetpro Review

LeadNetPro Review

This post is about LeadNetPro, a robo-calling solution for Network Marketers

NOTE:  If you are already a customer without support and want my DVD for personal use or for license it to your team, contact me for details!

LeadNetPro is launching this month, October 2010, and is promising to be a state-of-the-art system for network marketers to generate and contact new leads including an email and phone broadcasting system.

What is LeadNetPro?

LeadNetPro is being developed by Dan Miller and will allow marketers to collect leads and contact them using the same marketing platform. This system will be far better than the old way of buying lists that are often out-dated and inaccurate and still require additional resources in order to contact them. LeadNetPro allows you to generate your own highly targeted list of network marketers using data freely available on the internet.  It finds their name, phone, email and additional contact details also.  This puts clean buyers lists at your fingertips plus gives you the opportunity to contact them via email or phone broadcasting directly from your back office.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of voice broadcasting, read this wikipedia page on voice broadcasting.

Unlike most other systems out there, LeadNetPro's head programmer is actually the owner, Dan Miller.  And that's one of the reasons this works better than anything else.

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In addition, LeadNetPro has filters written in to the software that do not extract from .gov websites, for example, which other scrapers do not.  Other scrapers would scrape the name and email off a .gov website, of a complaint lodged, let's say, and you could end up in hot water.  Leadnetpro is programmed to keep you safe, and your business in marketing.  It works!

Why LeadNetPro Matters

The reason LeadNetPro matters is because the key to marketing is directing your advertising at the right target market.  Less than 3% of people are entrepreneurial.  So this is a way to targeted the 3% that are already sold on the concept of network marketing AND already actively involved in network marketing.  Because these people have opened up their wallets and bought into a network marketing business opportunity, they are considered a “buyers list” in direct mail parlance.  Which is the highest quality list you can get.

It simple does more than it's competitors.  (A LOT more!)

Check out this chart (click to enlarge):

LeadNetPro vs the Competition

LeadNetPro Comparison Chart
LeadNetPro Comparison Chart – KO'ing the Kompetition!

What kind of List does LeadNetPro Generate?

The list produced by the leads extraction feature of LeadNetPro contains all necessary contact details including mailing address, telephone number and email address and are extracted from sources such as Google, Yahoo, etc. It is created after the user has entered keyword terms and so is more targeted to the users needs plus the user will have complete control over the extracted lists. By extracting these names from these sources at the time they are to be contacted helps to ensure that the lists are up to date and accurate.

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So LeadNetPro allows you to generate an unlimited number of targeted buyers in the MLM community for free.

So this really is a breakthrough marketing system, especially since the costs of email and voice broadcasting is so low – anyone should be able to market their primary opportunity more effectively with LeadNetPro.

LeadNetPro Compensation Plan

The LeadNetPro compensation plan is great.  It's a simple 1-Up system, and after that you make $300 per sale.

If you're active in Network Marketing, you can easily make a sale in this by just directing people who DON'T join your primary opportunity to the LeadNetpro webinar.


My LeadNetPro Bonus

We have some exclusive bonuses for people who want to work directly with my team, including my $297 DVD course on Voice Broadcasting which is currently not for sale.

This DVD course is a physical DVD course that will be shipped to your door for free.

LeadNetPro Bonus
Andrew Murray's LeadNetPro Bonus DVD

Now the reason this bonus is so important is because it will actually result in you making WAY more money from you investment in LeadNetPro.  And that's your main goal, right?  Here's a video where I explain about the DVD:

We also will be setting up a custom lead capture page, we'll install the software for you for free (it's easy to use once installed – I promise!), and you'll get my proprietary Quick Start guide, and giving you my offline secrets that I use to generate even more buyers online.

LeadNetPro Success Stories

Here are some recent sales – as you can see, we have a TON of people on my team who are qualifying and making their sale quickly!

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leadnetpro sales proof

(Not everyone resells the software.  But it's pretty easy to sell a marketing system that works!  Some people use LeadNetPro just to build their primary business.)


LeadNetPro Is No Longer Available

LeadNetPro is now defunct, and I cannot recommend robo-calling as a viable marketing method.

I do however use permissions-based Call Loop, which allows you to send voice and text messages to cellphones.


36 thoughts on “LeadNetpro Review”

    1. Hey Nat,

      The PizzaBox Webinar leaves it vague, which is cool because it allows people to get their team started using any platform they like.

      For me, I use LeadNetPro because it does 3 tools in 1.

      1. real-time, targeted lead generation
      2. ability to contact via email
      3. ability to contact via voice broadcasting

      Are you involved in LeadNetPro?

      Here are some of my bonuses for Premier Wealth Systems if you’re looking at something like that.

      I saw your blog and would love to have you on the team. We have 2 sub-systems on our team that work AFTER the Stinson webinar to make you more money, plus I’m working on a direct mail piece that will be open to our team only.

    1. As I understand it, it does not.

      The DNC list is not applicable to people who have opt-ed in to your lists, and there is no DNC list for businesses.
      I would recommend using LeadNetPro for calling business owners or network marketers who are advertising online (also clearly businesses).

  1. checked out premier wealth systems and I am quite disappointed! There is no real value in the system. All I see its set up to just get the next person to fork over some money and the products are simply used to do just that. Just one big circle of hand over your money etc etc. At least with Leadnetpro one can market this product to other business owners so that the business owner can drive new customers to their website selling whatever widgets they may be in business to sell. Even your MLMZING HAS VALUE AS IT IS A COACHING PROGRAM. Unless I am completely wrong about Premier, I would ask to be proven wrong. All those “products” are simple products to advertise so as the next person can hand over their money. A couple of them sure can be used universally for other business ventures but not at that hefty of a price!

    1. Hi Erin.

      I actually think the Premier Wealth Systems products have value. I’m 100% convinced that if somebody bought the products and took massive action (while staying focused), he or she could earn $10K within 90 days. Even without help!

      I do know that MHUB is top-notch content. Marie and I put our hearts and souls into MHUB. And I think some of our bonuses outshine the actual content with Premier Wealth Systems. Have you seen our step 2 set of videos for people who have already watched the Rod Stinson webinar?

      Final thought. Keep in mind that when people buy any opportunity with the primary motivation to make money, they are buying into the business opportunity/business system FIRST and the product SECOND. That goes for Premier Wealth System, LeadNetPro, or any other opportunity like USANA or Melaleuca.

  2. I saw this yesterday on a Craigslist ad and called a number. Some young man called me back and gave me the take away close. I wouldn’t think of getting involved with him. I am developing a marketing program for outdoor products to market to an upper middle to high end consumer. My program is geared towards showing contractors and designers how to network market with each other. This program looks like it can generate leads for us, but I can’t tell. Is there anyone that I can speak to about this.

  3. Hello. I was talking with someone about Lead Net Pro (they have already signed up). My question to her was “after the software extracts all these email address’s, what then?” It seems to me that if you email all these people that this is nothing less then spamming. You’ll be contacting people who did not ask you to do so. It just looks like Legalized Stealing of peoples contact info to me. Am I wrong here? By the way I market on Craigslist daily and have had my contact info harvested by people using this type of software. When you look at it from our perspective, none of us marketers who are honestly and legally marketing our products and business’s care to have our contact info swiped for the sole purpose of counter selling us. Thank you, Phil

    1. Hi Phil,

      It’s a B2B contact. So it is legal and ethical. Some people feel that posting on Craiglist is spamming. There are tools that automate Craigslist posts, which is a type of spam.
      As a webmaster of multiple well- search-engine optimized sites, I get unsolicited calls too.

      People that blast out the same type of hype-filled messages won’t be as successful as offering value in their messages, like I teach in my LeadNetPro DVD.

      Personally, I don’t use the craigslist part of the software. It’s only a very minor part of the marketing animal that is Lead Net Pro. I’m not a big fan of Craiglist for marketing. I use some more targeted scrapes to find the best results.

      if you’re interested in more effective ways to market – and have people contact you – using LeadNetPro or something else – let me know and I’ll give you a short free consultation on some marketing that works.

    1. @Tom: I’m sorry, it’s a rip off because some marketer you know who is tangentially connected to leadnetpro doesn’t know how to set up his emails?
      WTF? How logical is that?

      LeadnetPro is an awesome program to sell – because pretty much every marketer NEEDS better marketing. In fact, I did a consultation today with a guy who’s known on the internet as a “guru” of sorts on how to get more targeted traffic to his sites.
      And it’s a very simple marketing tool – once you understand how to use it after watching my DVD.

      But you did bring up one good point, Tom.

      Every marketer is different. The home business industry is not regulated. So you’ll find great sponsors and terrible sponsors. Sponsors who understand marketing, and sponsors who are greaseball sales guys. I think your point better speaks on that than relates to anything about LeadNetPro at all.

  4. I saw this system and I was curious to where it would benefit anyone in the insurance field?

    If so do you know of anybody using within the insurance field as a reference?

    I have a particular interest in the voicemail and soliticing to businesses

    1. Yes, it would work for any B2B sales.

      They key would be designing an effective plan, like my LeadNetPro DVD talks about. I would help you plan a campaign after watching my DVD.

      I know I’ve spoken to some insurance reps who use it. I just don’t remember whom exactly.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Call me anytime.

  5. I’ve seen a couple of people offering an “Option B” payment plan, where you pay $50 up front to use the system, then the first two sales go to your sponsor and then you receive the sales after that. It’s a great way to get into the program if you don’t have $400 burning a hole in your pocket. However, one person has told me that the “option B” is not kosher under LNP guidelines. Can you provide some insight on this? I’d absolutely love to get into LNP, but do not have the $400 up-front. Thanks!

    1. Hi Spudman,

      It’s not allowed by LNP policy. And they are strict about it. Anybody offering a discount could be kicked out of the program. Dan Miller takes that seriously.

      But another thing to think about is if somebody HAS to offer some kind of deal, they are probably not in sale prosperity. People who give deals and cut corners are usually weak marketers who are needing a sale. In the long run, you’d be much better off working with somebody who can bring MORE value and actually give you the right insights into using the LeadNetPro tool effectively.

      It’s harder to master than the sales-pitch suggests, but once you get it, it’s an incredibly effective, highly scalable marketing tool.

      That’s why I created my 80-minute DVD that explains how to really use this tool effectively.

  6. credit with bad credit

    I enjoyed reading your blog post and found your review of LeadNetPro to be very helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  7. Thanks for the info. I have seen ads on CL for this. I spoke with someone and they have it so that when people call in to get info they re-direct the call to you. You dial into a system lets say 9am till 11 am and as info seekers call in the yare re-direceted to those online to do the presentation and sell. Do you offer that as part of the option on how to use lead net pro? also can you pull specific leads ie: people who are looking for info on Melaleuca?

    1. Yes, we have a proprietary DVD that explains how to get maximum impact out of LeadNetPro (any any voice broadcasting service for that matter.) Plus I have 2 PDFs that guide you through the process of setting up a campaign – and I help people create their message so you can target exactly the right kind of customer.

  8. How is it going Andrew?

    Really quick question for you, what is the difference between Lead Net Pro Vs. Ibuzz Pro other then one is $400 and the other is $500 plus the hidden $75 fee with Ibuzz Pro? and the monthly coast?

    I know Ibuzz Pro run the list thru a do not call data base and your able to send video emails do Lead Net Pro have these features? If not what does it have to offer other then getting emails, and phone numbers?

    I don’t have ether product but I was checking out reviews and thats all people seem to talk about I happen to be looking in your resources and notice you back Lead Net Pro so maybe you can shy some light on this for.

    I am going to go read your article on Lead Net Pro while I wait; however, I am sure its a question that your other readers my want to know as well…



    You ROCK ON WWN!

    1. Hey Willie,

      Glad you enjoy my content on WWN bro!

      LeadNetPro can generate leads – ibuzz cannot.
      Leadnetpro can filter thru a DNC list as an option also.
      LeadNetPro does NOT send video emails, but there are free and inexpensive services that do this. This is unrealted to the core value of a voice broadcasting system.

      I used to use iBuzzpro, but I now use LeadNetPro exclusively because of the value and added features.

      Let me know if you need anymore clarification.

  9. Thanks Andrew,

    I get that part now, I have one more question. What are you using for emails because I notice that was one of the reason you picked Lead Net Pro.

    When I get my copy of Lead Net Pro it want have a way for me to send out emails due to people spamming or should I say not understanding what spamming is…

    From my understanding they did away with that feature but you can still collect email address and the link to where it found they email address; however, you will not be able to send emails from your back office? Or has this change again if not how or what are you using to get your emails out?


    1. Hi Willie,

      They discontinued the bulk emailing because people abused it as SPAM.
      The email deliverability was not high anyhow. You will not be able to send out emails. Bulk emailing is not a very targeted marketing approach anyhow.

      I use icontact to import leads I have from other sources like webinars, or my contact manager if I want to email them. But I would just stick to the main core of the program – voice broadcasting to generate leads.

      In my DVD (you’ll get this fee when you order LeadNetPro through my link) I share my strategy for using this to generate leads the right way.

  10. Hey Andrew,

    I am highly considering becoming involved with you and Lead Net Pro. I am new to all online marketing and mlm. I was watching a couple other videos like MLMzing and the 60 day Transformation video. It seems like MLMzing helps you with your current business. I don’t have any online business. So I guess I’m asking if I want to start a business online with your help, where do I start? Do have a recommended business or do I have to come up with my own and then buy MLMzing. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks Andrew.


  11. Hi Andrew ,Whats Good

    I know your in the top 1% of online money earners so I respect your
    judgement and have decided to purchase LeadNetPro From you because I know your a S.E.O Ninja and I have been quietly stalking you , so if you say a duck can pull a truck . I would Hook Him Up and See.

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