Jerry Billett – The REAL Truth

The True Story About Jerry Billett

On Sunday August 18th, 2013, Jerry Billett sent out an email to the buyers list of the FB Cash Method (see below.)

snag - emailpart1

snag - emailpart2

In that email, he accused me of intentionally stealing commissions and “abusing” the FB Cash Method buyers.

He also denied agreeing to adding Zaxaa as a new sales platform.

That is utterly and 100% false.  And this blog post will set the record straight.

Unfortunately because of Jerry Billett's actions,  I am forced to defend myself in a public forum.

Since then, I have received numerous emails and calls that Jerry has been talking to people, PMing them and destroying my reputation.  Unforgiveable.  Especially since up until a few weeks ago, Jerry private messaged me saying I changed his life and thanked me for putting my reputation on the line to help him out (see screenshot from July 3rd 2013 below.)

snag highlight changed my life

You may be wondering what Jerry's motivation is and I can only guess that it has to do with a series of events that started on August 5th that I questioned him about:

  • A fraudulent chargeback against our company for over a thousand dollars.
  • Me asking him to finally settle and pay his share of the FBCash launch expenses that we were to share 50/50 including marketing and support expenses of which he has paid $0…
  • And as a consequence me withholding a few hundred dollars in mlmzing commission (until this chargeback issue was all settled.)

You will see that from screenshots below that I am telling the truth and my only goal here is to clear my name that Jerry is trying so hard to destroy.

So back to Jerry's original email…

After I read Jerry's email…sent the EXACT SAME day I had officially announced our new integration with Zaxaa, I was very angry.

How could a guy I had helped so much, turn on me for no reason?

It felt like a vicious sabotage of my announcement – of yet another thing I had done to make it easier for our affiliates to make money with the FB Cash Method.  Understand from the beginning that Jerry had no understanding of how to launch a product and it was all left to me and my staff to handle support, including the expenses he never did end up paying.  I also created ALL of the sales copy, including swipe copy and banners for my FB Cash Method Affiliates.

I wrote a scathing letter and was about to send it to all the FB Cash buyers.  But then I took a step back.  I took a deep breath.  And decided to have a more strategic approach.

Jerry, in his email, asked FBCash buyers multiple times for screenshots and implied that I had abused my own customers – even implying that being set to delayed commissions was somehow a negative thing I was doing to harm my own buyers.

I decided to tell this story as plainly and factually as possible.  I will tell most of it in Jerry Billet's own words – using screenshots of what he said where ever possible.

First, let's talk about the Zaxaa deal.

Jerry Billet said in his email to the FBCash Buyers:

P.S I never gave word to switch FB Cash to any
new platform so now things are about to get
real . Send in any videos or screen shots of
missing sales & lets make things happen.

And yet here is a Facebook message from June 12 and 17th, 2013 that show his compliance with the decision.

snag zaxaa account


And I don't want to get off track, but the addition of Zaxaa was simply that – an addition.

When it is setup correctly, as it is now, if affiliates use their Zaxaa link, the order will go through Zaxaa and the affiliate will get their commission.

If however, they use their JVZoo link, even if the affiliate goes to the Zaxaa page, Zaxaa will recognize and track that sale and the customer will go through the JVZoo system.  The JVZoo affiliate will get full credit for that sale (and an instant commission if they are approved for instant commissions.)

As you can see from above, Jerry was ready to go with the system and start logging sales!!!

Look at this screenshot and you will SEE as of August 6th, 2013, Jerry had been making sales in ZAXAA:


How he  can even claim to not agree with the added system BAFFLES me since he himself already set up his own Zaxaa account, and he had been receiving commissions for the sales logged through Zaxaa already by the time his email went out.

See also  The Email I Never Wrote

Jerry's email was, in my opinion, drafted to create fear over potentially lost commissions, move people into a different opportunity perhaps, who knows.  I certainly don't.  Even if the affiliate got traffic from a JVZoo link generated on launch day, it would still track to the referring affiliate.

Jerry is accusing me of somehow stealing commissions from affiliates, but if you look at this screenshot from JVZOO below, you can see that the MAJORITY of sales are coming through a wide variety of JVZOO affiliate accounts:

jvzoo affiliate payment proof

The truth is that Jerry Billet has not been involved in the back-end of the product from Day 1.

The main JVZOO account (and Paypal account) everything is run through is owned by me.

Delayed Commissions…

Jerry asking people to email him if they are set to delayed commissions – as if that is something shameful – makes no sense.  In fact, with very few exceptions, affiliates are only placed on “instant commissions” once they have a history with my company.

It is important for you to understand that Jerry Billet does not have access to the affiliate approval system in JVZoo or Zaxaa to make anyone eligible for instant commissions.  So he has no authority to approve ANY affiliate or change ANY affiliate to instant commissions in either JVZOO or Zaxaa.

I can only assume that he is phishing for active engaged affiliates in order to private message them – as he has done with some of our MLMZing affiliates.

In fact, Jerry does not even know what is going on in the backend (see screenshot below where I explain why some people are not on instant commissions.)

You can see from his messages about the support desk where he asks me what is going on, and how I deal with the support issues!

Understand that my staff and I have answered and responded to EVERY single message received in the support desk from Day 1.  Jerry has NO ACCESS to the support desk.

Jerry even mentions he turned off Facebook and blocked people in order not to deal with some of it.  Is this how he treats his Facebook Ninja Squad?

The screenshots below are part of a continuing conversation about support (which he did not partake in, and explanation of delayed commissions.)

As an example of delayed versus instant commissions, FBCash was scammed out of $1900 just recently from an affiliate in Vietnam who had been placed on instant commissions.  Again, I was on the line and paid for that, Jerry did not.

snag2highlight blocking people - how you deal part 1

snag highlight endless complaint

Jerry Billet owes money into the project and he is not paying…

When I choreographed the launch, using my resources, my list, and my JV contacts, we decided to run some FB PPC ads towards the end of the initial launch.

We agreed that we would split these costs.

Note the first message on March 5th, 2013.  When I bring it up, he agrees.

highlight splitting costs part 1

highlight costs 2

Jerry has still not paid his share of these FB Ad spend or the support.  These were NOT taken out of his MLMZing commissions.

I sent in payment requests and he cancelled both of those.  These invoices do not include the thousands of dollars we spent on support and the help desk, which Jerry Billet owes our company for.

Now Jerry claims, despite the clear proof, he never agreed to share these costs, and yet, you can see from the screenshots above he is clearly lying.

highlight not splitting costs

invoice 1 cancelled

invoice cancelled 2

Customer Support…

Our launch was very successful, and we ended up doing about 3000+ units on our initial launch.  With a launch that size, you need to do support.  Things are not perfect.  Emails don't get delivered.  Customers lose their login information.  These issues need to be handled.

Here is how Jerry handled customers in the launch.
snag2highlight blocking people - how you deal part 1

Yes, these are the same customers in his email that Jerry said:

With that said share this email with every person
you sold the FB Cash too and lets get everyone
rocking love all my customers and no one abuses
the FB Ninja squad.

So to ACCUSE me of not taking care of my customers, when I was the only one doing it, is ridiculous!

And to top it off, just a few days ago, on Saturday, August 17th, he wanted to ensure that no one would receive a commission for it with this message to me:

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Jerry Billett Take Down FBCash

Now, let's talk about Jerry Billett and how he felt about Andrew Murray…

highlight bromance

highlight shot to change my life

jerry - shout out

He told me on multiple occasions that MLMZing was the best product on the marketplace – and that everything he knows about internet marketing he learned from MLMZing.

Our company has paid Jerry several thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions for MLMZing, and he was also getting a full 50% on my MLMZing offer in the FB Cash Method funnel.

highlight changed life

And then, suddenly we get hit with the fraudulent chargeback from Jerry Billett…

Jerry Billet bought a product I put out with another person.

On the sales webinar, we specifically stated that it was a pre-launch event and we were selling founder's positions.  We also stated several times during that webinar that this was for people with vision and that if they bought at this early stage, there were no products available yet.

Of course, we did start adding products, and this product is still in development as an on-going training center.

According to his close friend (someone he talks to daily) Jerry was itching for a refund from the beginning.

So 4 months after purchasing, he chargebacked via his bank.

After I recieved word of his chargeback, I was shocked.  I felt horrible.

Finally, on August 5th, 2013, I called Jerry Billett from my lakefront home.  I asked him what the story was.

At first, he told me that his bank called him in because there were a lot of marketing-related charges, and he had “all these marketing-related charges” on his card.  And he told me on that phone call that he wasn't sure what happened, the bank just disputed it for him.

He also volunteered that Essante Organics, a network marketing company run by Michael Winneger, had charged him $2000 in products he had never received.  I have not verified this statement with any other parties.

He made it sound like there were a bunch of charges and he just said “Yes” or “No” to them as the bank manager read off a list.

He claimed that because he hadn't logged in to the re-vamped site we launched to the group that he never got the product.

I have verified that he did login on numerous occassions.

I won't say that our launch was perfect.

It wasn't.

We had a slight issue where the software we were using did not post the order to the affiliates account automatically.  To make clear – everything was tracking signups successfully.  But we had to manually approve all payments.  So we decided to invest for the long-term and change platforms.  We explained this in numerous webinars to our customers that Jerry Billet was a part of and participated in.

These things happen.

But after going off on another topic, where I just just setup a custom funnel I set up specifically for Jerry to promote an ebay funnel. I wound the conversation back around and said, “But I don't get it Jerry, what did you say to your bank, because if you said that, there's no way they would have done a chargeback.”

Eventually, he told me in detail that he had told his bank he “never received the product” and started justifying it by claiming he had not logged into our 2.0 website.  The terms of purchase he agreed to do not warrant a chargeback for this reason.  This was in violation of our terms of service.

As such, even though we had ALREADY PAID Jerry his commissions for this new project, he had not requested a check.  So we were fortunately able to clawback the couple hundred dollars in commissions he actually made.

I also heard from another source that he had encouraged other members of our site to also attempt to encourage them to initiate an unlawful chargeback.

So I asked him directly if he did that.

He said he was really hurt by this.

“Andrew, Andrew,” he said, “how could you even think that about me.”

snag rubbed me the wrong way

He was apparently offended by this.

highlight s andrew

And YET,  many of you have come forward and told me JERRY ENCOURAGED YOU TO CHARGEBACK.  

I have the proof via screenshots and emails …   but have not posted here to protect those of you who made me aware of what Jerry was doing.

You may be reading this right now and might have gotten one of those calls, private message etc…disparaging me and my name.  That is legally defamation of character.

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This was exactly 13 days before he tried to permanently ruin my character and credibility with my own buyers list on Aug 18th – the same buyers list I had carefully constructed the FB Cash Method to build for him.

Jerry Billet was thrilled I would pay him 50% – same as me on my product.  But I wanted to help him build a list.  So I took extra time and set it up so that the buyers would join HIS list FIRST upon buying and my list if they created a membership account.

How could a guy who I had helped so much – just look at Jerry Billett's own words on MULTIPLE occassions – not even call me up and talk it over with me before hitting me with a surprise chargeback?

I thought about it for a long time.

I wrestled with the fact of paying him as a partner – knowing that he had chargebacked fraudulently against my company – and here are two things you should know about chargebacks:

  1. Lying on a chargeback is fraud.  Pure and simple.
  2. Chargebacks are an aggressive attack on the merchant.

So we put a stop-payment on his commissions with the product he charged back on.  Fortunately he had not withdrawn the money and we were able to freeze these funds.


I removed him as a partner from Zaxaa at some point during this stage, pending resolving these outstanding money issues.  Up to that point, and well after he had expressed that he didn't know Zaxaa, he was getting a commission split on those sales.

And when it came to paying my MLMZing affiliate commissions, we withheld about $500 in commissions until we got to the bottom of all these issues.  It's against our terms of service of affiliates to file fraudulent chargebacks.


And then I started looking at the rest of the money he owes our company.

Again, I sent in payment requests and he cancelled both of those.

I called him and he uncharacteristically refused to take my call.

The Warning I Got About Jerry Billett…

Before I partnered with Jerry, a well-known six-figure marketer warned me about working with Jerry.  I ignored him.  Shame on me for not heeding that advice.

Since then, I have had multiple six-figure+ earners warn me about Jerry Billett.

And so this is where we are today…

I have gotten wind of things Jerry has said about me, but at the end of the day, it's up to you to choose who to believe.

I just needed to set the record straight publicly since Jerry made this a public conversation and deliberately emailed all the buyers of my product, FB Cash Method with the intention to harm my character.

Bottom line is, you don't last in the this industry as long as Marie and I have without treating people properly and paying commissions.

So far, Jerry is the only person we have had to void the commissions of in MLMZing for any reason.  (in this case, terms of service violations.)

So there you have it.  Me setting the record straight and refusing to deal with all the lies.

At the end of the day, FB Cash Method is a great product.  As Jerry and I agreed in the beginning, each of us is free to do what we want with the recordings.  I created FB Cash Method.   It's my product.

I hope you have a clearer picture of the events surrounding this situation and about Jerry Billett and his character based on his OWN words.

If you have any questions about the FBCash Method, contact me.

If you are an affiliate, rest assured you can use the JVZOO link, or the preferred Zaxaa link and either one will track your sales just fine.

If you have an opinion either way, please feel to comment below!

87 thoughts on “Jerry Billett – The REAL Truth”

  1. I am not surprised by what you say about Jerry Billett. I have found him to be rude and all he does on FB is BASH others. He doesn’t LIFT up at all! His posse does the same … backing him up in his ridiculous posts; ie: stating he gets more leads without ever posting his links than people who do post their links. HOW DOES HE KNOW THIS? He responded, How DO You know I don’t know. He is ignorant, a scammer, and a plain rude individual.
    I would NOT do business with him!!

  2. WICKED POST MAN! I still think you should consider contacting me to work with. If you can make this fool ANY kind of success. Man … LOL!!!

    Holler at me!!!

    GREAT POST!!!!

  3. Hey Andrew,

    This does not surprise me at all about Jerry Billett. He tried to recruit me several times, and was rude and belligerent. This happened before your FB product was released. You, on the other hand, have always shown true integrity, kindness, and honesty.

    I’m glad you set the record straight, my friend!

  4. Wow great post Andrew! When I received the email from Jerry I was wondering why he was attacking you. It didn’t make any sense since he praised you so much for helping him change his life around.

    But I did notice over time that he was never consistent with his emails and hardly shares the product links that helped him make so much money.

    I thought that it was odd back then but now I know he’s a shady person to work with.

  5. Hi, Andrew. This is Keith Johnson. JB is the biggest piece of shit everrr.
    I warned you on facebook months ago. Im glad you found out the DAMN truth!. He tried to recruit me….and i told him i was not ready because i am behind on bills… i woulfd have come around but he then switched from being nice to===> ASSHOLE in 3 seconds..
    He accused me of shopping around F.A.K.E. proof pics of my instant rewards screen shots… untrue
    And then BLOCKED ME?!

    No one has ever done that to me before!
    He is craaazy. Like is say, Cray!

    You rock ANDREW MURRAY…
    GOD BLESS…. I believe you 100%

  6. Thank you for setting the record straight Andrew I was unsure what in the world was going on ,but now it all makes sense . I’m still a proud supporter of FB Cash Method and will stand behind you 100% . Keep Rockin’ !

  7. I was never impressed with Jerry Billett, I listened to part of the FB method, and it was based on manipulating people. He truly does not grasp honesty and integrity, and probably never will. He believes a lie is as good as the truth. I don’t know either one of you, but he never struck me as honest. And didn’t he have a prison record?

  8. Definitely and enlightening post to say the least. I actually received an email recently where I read him saying something about you and I thought it might have been some type of publicity stunt.

    At the end of the day though, you definitely have to defend your name.

    It’s unfortunate things had to turn out the way they did because both of you are both talented people.

    Sometimes though in life some things just aren’t meant to be I guess.

      1. Precisely brother – talent without integrity is worthless. The sad scorpion/frog fable is spot on. I noticed things early on with Jerry – the disingenuous interest he portrays using FBCM and lots of other little clear indicators. You may remember when I alerted you to an antivirus block (Trend) on the original FBCM squeeze page and link to their service desk to rectify it which they immediately did; well, I had first sent that to Jerry in an attempt to help us all prosper and he called me “Negative” and blocked me. I called him on the phone and he promised to unblock me (“we’re good brother”) but never did. He probably has high vigilance to individuals who begin to see the cracks…. Anyway, I remember elements from his story. I think it is quite possible he lacks conscience altogether and could revert to someone who would “hurt people” who he paranoidly dislikes. *Be careful* Very best, Patrick

  9. Hey Andrew…

    brotha i’m nor surprised by this at all you wouldnt believe back in december i met Jerry on a google hang out which i still have we actually where on about

    5 or 6 of them where i have video of him bashing other marketers that well he probably doesn’t know about until now..

    this guy taught me and i quote “HIS FACEBOOK CASH METHOD” and with in 72 hr’s this guy went bananas on me…

    on new years eve this guy did a 2 hr special on a google hang out trying to discredit me shortly after

    i took his advice and made about $2000 in commissoins from another system applying “HIS FACEBOOK CASH METHOD” which i actually learned

    most of my facebook tips from the Facebook queen…

    i was really shook up by him doing this… i mean he tried to tear me in 1million pieces he even said that

    you would have your lawyers to sue me because i took His method and called it my own which i didnt!

    Jerry is by far a sociopath and he’s only out for himself he actually got folks that i signed up in different opportunities

    get refunds and join him basically stole commissions and sales….

    next to that because of my run in with him i didnt buy the FB cash method and i more than likely would have bought the product had it not been for jerry and his non sense…

    like your self i work hard at building my brand and at the time i was just finding my own space to promote my brand…

    i honestly sat back and waited for this day to come because i knew it was only a matter of time …

    my heart Goes out to you I’m dreadfully sorry that you have had to experience this with this guy!

    I know you’re the bigger guy and you won’t let this get you down chin up!

  10. Jerry Billett is a bonafide nut-job.

    I had an interesting direct encounter with him just a few weeks ago – I asked him a question about one of his videos I had seen and it turned into the weirdest interaction – he insulted me several times and ended up blocking me on Facebook. And when a mentor and friend of mine found out about my interaction, he told me that Jerry is an ex-criminal, is a former Jamaican Thug/Gang Member, and a “bonafide wacko”.

    I’m shocked, amazed, and sorry to hear that he chose to come against you, one of his own mentors and business partners.

    When it comes down to it, I believe Jerry is truly messed up and needs legitimate medical/psychological help. It’s a bit sad.

  11. I unsubscribed from Jerry Billett’s list when his email became a rant… and that was before he sent out any accusations. You must be an exceptionally kind and generous person Andrew, to have been so patient with him all that time. I agree with Amy above… although I have sold a few FBCash Methods (because its fundamental premise is to make personal and real contact with people), I felt for the people he was manipulating and ”crowing” about in full view of thousands of people. I hoped as I watched that they never bought the product!! Anyway, you definitely have my support. In Australia we would call Jerry Billett a prick of the first order (or maybe a dickhead). Either one suits.

      1. Absolutely right Andrew, the fine line is there, and great to reference Machiavelli’s work… which is why I agree on the basic premise of the product… psychology and real contact with real people is good. Jerry’s technique is good. But you know, I think he is a narcissist at heart, and his motivation was/is all self, self, self.

        1. The fine line is easy to navigate; apply the golden rule sincerely. This capacity is not as widely distributed as the capacity to mimic it – especially by narcissists and sociopaths who often appear to become successful for a season using their damaging moral shortcuts.

  12. Javier Velazquez

    Thanks for this post Andrew, I was actually thinking to join him in a new opportunity but I’m glad I haven’t joined and I never will. You have always been an awesome person Andrew, you I will follow and join in whatever you do. Thanks for always being you.

  13. Michael Yantovsky

    Wow buddy sorry it happened to you!

    I knew something was going with him lately when I was getting weird emails from him, negative FB rants all the time and even went off on a well known marketer on his FB post accusing her of lying, etc…

    I knew he was doing it to draw attention to himself. Very shady way to market! Glad you told your side of the story!

  14. When I read the email from Jerry, I knew it was BS! A person with your reputation on the internet doesn’t do what he claimed you were doing. I admire your integrity and the way you handled this sad affair. You, your family, and staff don’t deserve this treatment! Jerry gave up his reputation, integrity, opportunity, trust, and friendship for money.
    That is sad!

  15. Wow Andrew this is some serious s*it bro! I did not see this coming, not in a hundred years lol. All I can say is wow. I am shocked. Keep on rocking it man and thanks for approving my Zaxaa request earlier today! Peace! 🙂

      1. Well what are you thinking bro? At the end of the day you put in all the effort and time in writing the sales copy, setting up the sales site, support, payment infrastructure etc. I also know a lot of people who have bought this and later told me how much it has helped them and some even made their very 1st sale online! So the product itself is amazing as you already know.

        1. Yes, I know. It’s an ethical thing I need to reconcile. I will give advanced notice before taking it down if I decide to do that. At least 2 weeks. The problem really seems to be the number of people who have been negatively impacted by Jerry’s actions. I just can’t condone somebody acting like that. I have been shocked by the amount of people that have come forward with negative experiences with Jerry. Just shocked.

  16. Andrew its sad you have to defend yourself after having success and helping people for so long. Im glad you and your team are here for me and you guys are a pleasure to work with. The funny thing is Jerry is the one that introduced me to you. LOL glad I follow and work with you and not him. Best decision I’ve made.

  17. Well .. can’t say I’m all that surprised.
    Hopefully with what’s been done, pick up and
    keep moving forward. You did LOADS for Jerry
    and in my opinion nothing to prove.

    [side note – Ben Davis always on the hustle haha!]

  18. WOW, Andrew, I’m really blown away by this. Firstly, I’m sorry you had to go through this experience. As you know, I was introduced to you by Jerry and it’s very shocking after hearing him sing your praises and knowing how you extended yourself to help him. It’s sad to see how he’s let a just a little success inflate his ego and now his ego has gotten the best of him.

    I’ve noticed how since the success of FBMethod, his posts became arrogant and bashing of other mlm leaders and companies. That is never cool. I’ve personally never had any bad words or experiences with Jerry, but I’ve watched his interactions with others. This is just really shameful.

    1. Hey Fontella, I always assumed as an SEO master, you found me via SEO, LOL.

      I studied English in University. And I think the thing that as I have some space from my rebuttal – is hubris. Hubris is when a lead character’s downfall is caused by their own actions (and usually ego.) Don’t know why, but I’m thinking of two really good Woody Allen movies, “Match Point” and “Cassandra’s Dream” both of which are classic tragedies.

      At the root of it, I think there is a similarity this situation with Jerry. Some kind of deliberate choice that causes a cascade of events to eventually become your undoing. Ego will usually cause problems.

  19. Andrew, I’ve always known you to be fair and honest. I’m so sorry to see this happen to you and your family. When such public attacks occur, it’s never a good thing. You explaining your side of the story does two things. It supports what most of us who have worked with you for longer than a day know. You’re a person of integrity. It also separates the business styles that you both have.
    I believe in you, my friend! Hang tough!

  20. Lol, well Andrew I knew of you before that of course because you and your wife are giants in the industry, but I’d never spoken to you personally. You’re dead on though, hubris it is. When you’re not right within, for whatever reason, you’ll always find a way to sabotage yourself no matter how good things are.

    But I’m 100% certain you don’t have to worry about your reputation. Those that know you already know the truth. Continued success to you…

  21. Hi Andrew,

    I tend to trust your integrity over his. Thanks for setting the record straight.

    I’ve learned a lot from your courses.

    I got both de-friended and blocked by Jerry Billett on FB, without any reason (other than I didn’t join him in his latest venture).

    He also had some good FB Jail videos he took down.

    Most long term players leave their content on the net to benefit others for years to come!!

    Thanks for your leadership. Let’s stay in contact.

    Best regards,


    1. When somebody de-friends people too aggressively, they end up looking like an emperor. Too much ego in that and not enough space to learn. I learned big time from this, in fact, about how not to choose a business partner.

  22. This is shocking to me in more ways than I can tell. I have not received any of the communication from Jerry but from the screenshots, the facts are clear. I am now into MLM Zing because of Jerry and I must stay, it is the best I have come across in terms of internet marketing. You and Marie did a fabulous job. FBCashmethod has worked beautifuly for one of my offline businesses.

    I only encourage you to move on being whom you have been. Sure, you will have to sort out all these “business partner issues” with Jerry but I think anyone who has interacted with you knows enough to worry about your reputation.

    God bless you man…beyond what he has already done!

  23. Hey Andrew I am sorry that you had to go through this. We have spoken a couple of times in the past and even though I have not joined any of your programs you have always treated me with respect. After reading what happened with Jerry I am more interested in joining a program with you because of the way you have handled this.

  24. Andrew,

    Billett is an example of a guy that could have made it, had every opportunity to make it, but the entire industry will now know what a chump he is. Another EGO maniac bites the dust. BOOOOOOM!

    Eric Green and myself started working with the kid teaching him his Facebook chat methods. As soon as he started having success his EGO went into the clouds and he figured he was Puff Daddy. When we both called him on it and tried to give him some guidance, he started slamming us on the internet and we finally had to cut ties and block him on Facebook and Skype.

    When I saw you had launched a product with this guy I was like OMG he will end up tarnishing your reputation BIG time. It was like I could see all of this in advance of it happening. I called you immediately to give you the heads up warning. So no surprise to see all of this now.

    I hope that with your marketing horsepower he will get exposed for the EGO maniac he is to protect other marketers from making the same mistake that we did.

    So sorry to see you having to go through this.

    Continued Success,
    Darren Little
    MLM Superhero

  25. Hey Andrew. I’m sorry you had to spend so much time on this, but I truly appreciate your complete and direct response to the situation. As you know, I have purchased several of your products, including FB Cash Method, and all my contacts with you personally and your entire staff have been handled with courtesy, competence and professionalism. Take this as a testament to your personal honesty and integrity, and as far as I’m concerned… you are DEFINITELY one of the good guys. Keep doing what you do and being who you are, my friend.

  26. Hey Andrew, can’t believe that someone would do this to you. You have always been such a great guy to work with and I can’t believe that people take advantage like that. Especially when you worked so hard to help him out and make so much money. Crazy this world is. Glad to call you a friend. Nat

  27. Jerry obviously doesn’t appreciate shit. He used you to help himself… plain and simple. Now his TRUE self has emerged. I’ve seen him flaunt his arrogant bullshit all over FB. The guy has no class and never deserved ANY of your attention or help in creating or co-creating a product. I really feel bad for you on this Andrew. Anyone with half a brain can see that YOU are a man of values and Jerry is just a failure.

  28. It’s an unpleasant feeling to say the least, being betrayed like that. It takes at least a week or two to shake the feeling/reeling/bewilderment at actions like those you have shared. Even more if it’s someone you have sincerely helped.
    -The air at altitude is rarified and if people don’t have the capacity or preparation (i.e. morals/ethics) then the quick ascent to success will only produce calamity. People can start acting strange when they are half-way up a mountain-side and don’t have enough oxygen – they can, and do act crazy.
    Hope for good things in the future for you mate.

  29. Andrew you are an excellent leader and I am sorry you had to go through this, but anyone who knows you and has been following you for sometime will know what kind of person of integrity you are. More success coming your way. Blessings

  30. Wow what a big headache Andrew. You and Marie are a class act and you’ve shown that again here by taking the high ground. This should never have happened & it just strikes me as so unfortunate that you really did go out of your way to “help the little guy go full time” true to your strapline and it caused you so much hassle this time around. Thanks to you and Marie for all you’ve done and continue to do to help people believe in themselves and succeed..

  31. Andrew,
    I too feel under the deception of Jerry Billett. He selected a group of 15 which I was one and did a few hangouts and told us you were building a funnel for us to use and that we needed $250 buy in. Well the funnel never came due to you being under another contract with a company and could not do both. We all understood and went on with Jerry, next thing we knew we were Essante members and he was a guest speaker telling Essante how he had groomed each one of us individually to live a green life. Also told several of us that we could not be associated with any future endevours unless we purchased the MLMZing package for 97.00 which we did. I questioned Jerry briefly about what is it really that we are promoting and where was the new funnel coming that you were building. I was immediately un-friended and blocked. After being told I was disrespectful and didn’t have what it took and good luck trying to get my money back since MLMZing offered no refund and Essante’s refund policy had run out of the 30 day period. The problem with FB Cash Method now is to promote it we are promoting Jerry as well, and that is something I will not associate any of my down line with is him. He is crazy and even though I know the value you bring as Andrew Murray, anything that you would have with name attached to it is a very bad mark towards you. So I will just check progress on other products you have and see what value they could give my business or down line. Sorry you had to endure Jerry’s crap hipefully he will just fade away once people understand he is not who you want involved in your business under any circumstances.

    1. Hi Tonya,

      Thanks for being so open about the details of your story. I am continually shocked by the sheer number of people who have had deep, negative experiences after working with Jerry Billett. Unfortunately, Jerry does not even know the technical aspects of building a funnel. I had to set up everything in FB Cash Method, and he we created other private funnels – all he did was send us his aweber HTML form code.

  32. I asked Jerry to help me out with my Facebook ads for just a few minutes and he started saying that he would charge me $200 an hour for something that I wanted him to help me out with for just a few minutes..THATS ALL I WAS ASKING FOR!!

    Here is the conversation I had with him and the LAST I will EVER have with him.. He is a prick in my eyes!

    “Yo man I would love for you o help me with my ad copy,I watched the video on you page
    I have been running ads but they are not converting int many clicks
    I am using fb 2 cent clciks method with social lead freak myself and am not having much success.I hope you can help me out,Ill be on tomorrow k (:
    -Dont know my typing sucks today haha

    Okay so you want coaching or to join me in my team to learn from me which is it ?

    I am in my own business-neucopia
    Just want you to help me with ad copy if you have some spare time

    I don’t have spare time I run a business not a hobby


    so your asking for coaching I charge $199 per hour Michael

    i dont see why ad copy training should cost 200 dollars an hour man
    I am already learning from chris,matt and andrew on how to get cheap clicks with good ad copy
    I will just go back through their training,so nevermind.Have a good day

    Than go learn then you hit me up not the other way around maybe stop expecting a freebie shortcut and bust your ass off to learn the skills like everyone else having success does take care Michael good luck with ad copy its pretty easy.”

    As you can tell he is very rude and doesn’t listen to what people want!

  33. Well now I know what happened to the prick. I had a chat going with him. A polite chat and then all of a sudden I was blocked. He has a G+ that hasn’t been posted on since last year. Sucks he was in your inner circle and put you through all this. You’ll end up stronger. Having partners is tough.

  34. Bro, it’s crazy that I JUST came across this post. I remember right before the launch when Jerry hit me up and went all the way in on me after I respectfully declined his pitch. His last statement to me was, “Your better off staying broke then because you don’t know real marketing and besides my list is LETHAL.” (If I could jump through the phone back then…)

    This was all after he name dropped you and I told him that I would give you a call to check it all out.

    Never had a good vibe about that guy from the gates man… I’m glad he didn’t get the opportunity to do any significant damage before he outed himself.

  35. Like the wise cliche goes: “Money does two things, it can make good people better, and bad people worse!” It seems this guy knew what he was doing from the get go. Now I know to steer clear of him. Thanks for the post!!

  36. Wow! What a ungrateful dude! You changed his life and then windes up screwing you. You and Marie are awesome and some of the top marketers in the world. Keep Rocking my friend 😉

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