Keyword Research Special

Keyword Research Special

OK, if you've been on my list for any length of time, you'll know I firmly believe that most proper keyword research is the foundation of all your marketing efforts.  I can predict somebody success or failure based on their ability to target the right keywords.

And yet, it baffles so many people.

So what's I'm doing is offering to do advanced competitive analysis and keyword research on YOUR MLM company.

Some Video Proof:

Here's some undeniable video proof that explains why if you're using Google's Keyword tool to do keyword research, you're missing out on the best keywords.

I show video proof that shows for the keyword “mike dillard” Google is presenting only 4 relevant keywords, and my keyword research uncovers over 176 highly targeted keywords for the keyword “mike dillard”.

Sounds unbelievable, but it's absolutely true…

Here are the details of my Keyword Research special:

I will do some advanced keyword research, using a system I developed with multiple paid tools.

  1. I will actually be doing all of this work personally.  None of it will be outsourced.
  2. You will get a huge list of highly relevant keywords.  (About 3-8 times larger than you would get using google's free keyword tool.)
  3. You will get full research data in .csv format from my personal copy of Market Samurai.
  4. I will then personally study all this data, and I will tell you the top 10 keyword phrases I would start targeting immediately if I was in your opportunity.
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So you won't have any uncertainty about what keywords you should start writing blog posts or articles on, or doing youtube videos about.

This will allow you to clear the mental clutter and focus on the 10 keyword phrases that will get you the best results.

Here's a tip about internet marketing: You pick a few, highly targeted keywords, and focus all your efforts on ranking for those keywords.  Consistency creates MASSIVE success.

Trust me.  This service I'm performing for you is worth WAAAY more than another ebook from Clickbank – it's information applied directly to YOUR business.

The cost is $50.  If you need the keywords tomorrow, take the rush order option for $75.

Sound good?

Order away:

Regular order is 7 days.  Most will be done well before this, but no guarantees.  (We may have a lot of orders!). Rush orders will be ready by the next day.  Discounts for people order multiple keyword sets will be 25% off any additional orders.  Contact me if you are interested and I will invoice you directly.  But everybody can use the options below for the first order.


*This special offer and pricing is LIMITED to only 25 people.  I reserve the right to refund your money if I have too many orders before I remove the payment button.  You will get your keywords within 7 days.  Customers may order multiple keywords.  There are no refunds.

Got questions?  Contact me first.

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