New YouTube Creator Program Monetization Requirements

YouTube laid out some drastic new requirements for Adsense Monetization inside the YouTube platform without warning on January 16th 2018.  These came as quite a shock to those inside the YouTube community.

it should be noted that this was not announced even to well-known YouTube personalities.  The reasons why, I discuss in my video below, include better quality for YouTube Advertisers – which means that YouTube ad quality should increase for most advertisers when this comes into effect on February 28th 2018.

Here is a link to the YouTube blog post explaining the new requirements.

And here is a breakdown did on YouTube explaining what this means for creators:

WARNING! YouTube Demonitization Policy Explained

This YouTube Demonization came out of left field from the secret YouTube Bunker – nobody knew about it and its in effect March 1st 2018 YouTube is DEMONITIZING thousand of YouTube Channels.

Find out in this video what this means for you, and what your next plan of action needs to be to SAVE your channel.

If you have under 4000 hours of watch time and less than 1000 subscribers, you will be DE-MONITIZED at the end if February 2018.

In order to get access to Monetization (Adsense YouTube Revenue) and other YouTube Partner perks like End Cards you need to hit these milestones: 1000 subscribers + 4000 Hours of watch time in the last 12 months. For a point of reference… 4000 hours works out to 333 hours per month (20,000 minutes per month) Or… 11 hours per day (667 minutes per day approx)

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Moral of the story:  You need to learn how to monetize your YouTube channel in other ways.

And there are plenty of ways to do that.

have you been de-monetized?  Let me know if the comments.  And if you need to monetize your channel is other ways, check out this webinar training.

Here is a video from YouTube answering some questions you may have about this issue:

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