What Your Grammar Says About You (And How To Fix It For Free)

We live in a snap- decision world.  We are all constantly bombarded with ads, messages, notifications, and texts.

More than ever, you will be judged by how you write and communicate.

As an English major in University, I understand good grammar.  But even as I write this post, I have a browser addon called Grammarly that is altering and fixing up my grammar and typos.

With little information to go on, and the need to quickly make decisions, having bad grammar is highlighting the gap between the educated and the uneducated.

Now as a copywriter, I understand not everything online NEEDS to be written in proper grammar.

Sometimes.  You.  Need.  To.  Create.  An effect.

But be that as it may, the biggest problem with online grammar is the use of wrong words.  I have to admit this is a pet peeve of mine.  Let me give you some examples.

You look uneducated when you misuse the word there/their/they're.  Or when you misuse the word too/two/to.

These are actually very simple examples that you can miss because even though technically they may be spelled correctly (and therefore not picked up by spell check) but still leave a distinct mark on your literacy.

How To Fix Your Grammar For FREE

So this addon, Grammarly can sit on top of your browser and not only correct spelling but also grammar because it understands the context.  So this can help you look smarter on Facebook, with your YouTube comments, with your Google Docs or anything else you do on your computer.

So remember, people, are already judging your and your skills by how you communicate in written form.  So look sharp – and put the best you out there.

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Click here to install Grammarly.

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