SEO WordPress Webinar

SEO WordPress Webinar

I recently recorded a webinar that explains my method of getting highly targeted traffic from the search engines.  I love WordPress, and I think you will too once you see how powerful it really is.

The content on my webinar is especially important given the recent “Google Farmer” index change that dropped the Web2.0 Content Sites (think: EzineArticles, Hubpages, Squidoo, Articlesbase) hard.  If you haven't read about what happened, you can read more about the Google Farmer shakeup here.

In fact, with this recent change, these sites lost over 80% of their 1st page keywords literally overnight.  And some content sites, like Mahalo, had to fire 10% of their staff immediately.  Yeah, this is big news if you're in the Article-Marketing or Attraction Marketing camp.

The good news, is that you have more control, and can get better results (with the added benefit of branding) by creating content for your own WP Blog.

And I'm going to show you how to do it step-by-step in this nearly 2 hour  live webinar.

Here's what I cover:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Writing A Post
  3. Fixing the On-Page SEO
  4. Getting that post indexed with my secret indexing tool
  5. Getting this page ranked in the search engines before the end of the webinar
  6. Q&A session

Why is this webinar free?

This webinar is Freemium Content. Which means that is you like it or get value from it, let me know and submit a comment on this page or on my contact page.  Also, if you like it, share it on social media (think: Facebook, Plaxo, Twitter).

Watch it right now on YouTube in HD:

I have also created a short PDF guide that links to some of the resources I cover in the webinar.

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You can download that by right-clicking here.

Clear your schedule for 2 hours.  Get out a piece of paper.  Take notes.

(And don't forget to come back here and leave your comments/feedback!)

21 thoughts on “SEO WordPress Webinar”

  1. Andrew,

    Hey man…I was on your WordPress webinar the other night…WOW!

    You make it look sooo easy…and I love the way you break everything down so that even a newbie like me can get my head wrapped around what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

    And that tool you use for fixing the On Page SEO…very cool!

    Great stuff man…you rock!

    BIG Thanks,


    1. It’s all about making it easy for people to pick up. That’s where so many marketers fall down.

      Knowledge, if not communicated in a way that somebody else can implement is worthless.

  2. WOW! Great stuff, you covered more in less than two hours on Word Press SEO then the last 3 courses I bought! The best part was is was live showing everyone you can get ranked quickly. Do you have a list of your paid and free plug-ins you use? I was curious what video plug-in you used for your you-tube videos? Is it part of easy video2? Lastly what are your thoughts on Jeff Johnson’s traffic getting SEO plug-in? Hope to catch your next webinar live, till then you’re the man!

    1. Hi Lee, thanks for the feedback. I always try to over-deliver.

      I don’t have a list of my plugins on hand, but I will be giving away one through a new marketing funnel I’m working on.
      The youtube plugin is:

      Saves a ton of time.

      Easy Video Player 2 is what I use for marketing funnel and sales letters and usually webinars.

      I haven’t used his plugin. Send me a link and I’ll check it out.

  3. Andrew, I really enjoyed this webinar and picked up quite a few things that will help my posts rank much better.

    Couple of questions if you wouldn’t mind answering:-
    1. How do you have your AllinOne SEO settings? I really don’t know if I have mine ticked in the right boxes.

    2. How many tags should you use per post and do those tag phrases have to be in the post. Also do you use the same tags as keywords in the Allinone SEO.

    Thankyou in advance.

    1. Hi Barb, about the All-in-one SEO plugin, I have all the boxes ticked except log important events. Just make sure to click “enable” and fill out the info for your home page.

      I use as many tags as are relevant. I often start with 3-5, but I have a plugin that automatically adds search engine queries (that people actually used to find my site) and I have these added as tags automatically.

      When I’m doing the All In One section for a particular post, the title and description are most important. I just use 1-3 keywords for the keyword section. Yes, I use the same keywords as in the tags – but usually less.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve just finished watching your webinar and I’ve got so much out of it. I’m going to watch it again in a few days with a fresh mind and take some notes to make sure I get the most out of it. Not only is the content excellent, but it is also presented very clearly.

    You make the concepts are easy to grasp, and even without the seo tool this info is gold.

    Nice one.


    1. Sorry about the autoplay. Didn’t think that would affect the user experience, but I can see how it could create a desire to automatically click backwards.
      I appreciate the feedback.

  5. Forums are great ways to get free targeted traffic, they play a big part in my SEO arsenal. Just make sure you dont spam and the forum owner allows signature links.

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