Top 3 Cashback Apps For Canadians

As a savvy Canadian, I'm always looking to earn and save money.

In this video, I'm going to explain the 3 top cashback/rewards apps you can use to help further your Canadian dollar.

I'm back with another Canadian Fintech video.

This time we dive into RBC's new Ampli app, that is surprisingly lucrative. I think they see a real opportunity to get the RBC brand in front of the customers of the OTHER banks, and it's an awesome app.

I review the Ampli App from RBC and show you how quickly you can earn money simply by linking a card you are using anyhow.

Earn money when you make purchases. No loading offers. Cashout at $15 with a free e-transfer to any bank.

Simple, plus you get $5 just for signing up.

Click here to join Ampli

Next, I take another look at NEO Financial, the coolest credit card on the block in Canada. I've been earning between 2%-3% in cashback over the past few months, and have earned a massive $147.25 in cashback rewards over that past 2 months.

And NEO has NO FEES! No over limit fees. No annual fees. None of that out-of-date-lets-screw-our-customers-with-unnecessary-fees!

Check out my full video review of the Neo Financial Mastercard:

Get $25 for creating your NEO Financial account here.

Lastly, I dial into MOGO, which offers not just a pre-paid credit card, but also free credit monitoring, and a massive 2% cashback on EVERYTHING you buy in Bitcoin! This is not just 2% at gas stations, this is 2% on literally everything. It's like your anti-inflation super-power.

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Yup, earn Bitcoin while you pay for stuff you buy anyhow.

No wonder Mogo has 1,600,000+ customers in Canada already. That's 1.6 million customers in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸŽ‰Mogo is an awesome alternative to using a standard credit card. Plus the Mogo App is so cool – and even has chill rainforest sounds (which you can turn off if you don't like that sort of thing.)

Plus you get $20 in free money when you create your Mogo account through this link.

Mogo is like a forced savings program because you get the rewards in Bitcoin – which you don't spend as easily as fiat – so you'll end up saving the bulk of it – automatically.

But hey, if you want to get your Bitcoin back over to regular CAD currency, here's how to convert your Bitcoin to dollars:

Yep, looks like Canada has some fantastic cashback apps.

Be sure to check out my other videos (YT Playlist) on Canadian Fintech goodies (and free money for Canadians!):

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What are your best cashback apps? Let me know in the comments below!

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