What Is The Pizza Box Formula Webinar?

What Is The Pizza Box Formula Webinar?

The Pizza Box Formula Webinar was created by Rod Stinson.

It's a webinar that markets an opportunity called Premier Wealth Systems.  Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm involved with Rod Stinson and his group in Premier Wealth Systems.  I think it's the simplest way to make money in this economy – because of a few reasons.

  1. You need a good profit margin
  2. There are different levels to get started at – so it can be accessible to everybody
  3. The product solves the problem of MARKETING for any business you may be involved with

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What I Like About the Pizza Box Formula Webinar

I really like the fact that the webinar is not the same intro-company management-products-compensation plan-now get started type of webinar.

There's actually a tremendous amount of marketing psychology behind it – and that's what you want in a webinar.  You want it to be interesting, informative, and create a strong emotional impact.  And the Pizza Box Formula does that by showing a lot of proof, and by educating about what you really need to make money in any home business.

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It tells the truth about profit margins.  This is something a whole lot of MLM guys are really lying about.  I know I've made so much more money marketing higher ticket items – and as the cost of advertising continues to rise on the internet, programs where you don't make more than $100 for a sale will eventually be wiped out.

I really love that you can easily market it using Rod Stinson's webinar site – and ONLY talk to people who have already seen the entire Pizza Box webinar.

That's true leverage.

Does It Really Work (Pizza Box Formula Proof):

Video removed.

What I Don't Love About the Pizza Box Formula

I think that it's a little weak on explaining the products.  The products are actually a series of marketing videos that explain how to market online.

I find that people still have questions, and one of the things I've done for my team is to record 6 videos that explain questions that nearly everybody asks after seeing the webinar.  Some of these videos also explain the bonuses I've created especially for me and my team to give away to anybody who joins Rod Stinson's Pizza Box Formula with our team.

Pizza Box Formula Team:

Our team is one of the fastest growing in the Pizza Box Formula business.  We have simple systems that can generate you leads that convert.  Don't fall for the offer of free leads – because free leads suck.  I'll teach you how I'm marketing + how my team is marketing and what's working for us.

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The #1 regret people have is not signing up with me first.  I get calls daily from people who joined programs under people who offered discounts, free leads, and all kinds of other crap.  When what you really need is a system that works that can get you high quality leads that convert into sales.

Watch this short video training I did that explains my philosophy on building this business with real, highly targeted marketing:

Pizza Box Webinar Bonuses

Our team has some exclusive bonuses – which actually expand on the marketing techniques explained in the Pizza Box webinar business.  You can find out more about our team bonuses by calling or texting me at:


or asking me on skype: wealthambition

I'll tell you the straight goods about Rod Stinson's Pizza Box Formula.

Here's a page that explains why you should join me in the Pizza Box Formula Business.

Read More About the Pizza Box Formula and the bonuses for joining my team!

Pizza Box Formula Financing

We have private financing options for joining our Pizza Box Formula team.  Contact me for details.  This is ONLY available to our team inside the Pizza Box Formula.

Pizza Box Formula Update:  Why I Quit

I no longer endorse or recommend the Pizza Box Formula.  The “magic” lead getting system uses voice broadcasting, which has become technically illegal and a major grey area that I do not use.

If you are looking for an income system like the Pizza Box Formula, I recommend check out my Masterclass: How To Make $1000 A Day Online

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  1. I am intrested in learning to market these products this is the information age; as well I want to learn how to use this formula to better market health products.
    Thank you for the information Len

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