Dropbox Review

Dropbox Review

Dropxbox is a cross-platform sync and backup tool.

This video explains why I love using Dropbox to sync between multiple computers (both PC and MAC), have instant real-time backup, and share documents with my team.

I love using Dropbox because it's secure.  It's reliable and it works.

Dropbox Video Review:

Get Your FREE 2GB Dropbox Account here

Once you have your account, you can use the Dropbox Login to access your content remotely, or to setup multiple computers to sync.

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4 thoughts on “Dropbox Review”

  1. I work at Paradise Advertising and Marketing in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and our President is having trouble deciding which online storage and backup site to use for our company’s secure files. I noticed that you offered highly recommend DropBox, and I was wondering if you might be willing to speak with our President very briefly about your experience with DropBox, or perhaps give a brief written reference.

    I realize that this is an unusual request, but I am sure you can understand the hesitation when it comes to internet security, and we would really like to hear a recommendation from a current user that is a business, as opposed to an individual.

    Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Elizabeth Sellers

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