Zaxaa Review

Zaxaa has a brand new platform I've been testing.  This is my official Zaxaa Review.

Currently, it's in beta and there is NO FEEs.  Signup for Zaxaa here.

I find it much more intuitive to setup than WSOPro or JVzoo.

But the real advantage is that both of those other services HARVEST YOUR buyers list.  Yup, all of your buyers of your products go on their house list and get blasted with offers.

Not so on Zaxaa.  The list is yours and yours alone.

This is important, and the main reason I moved my FB Cash Method which sold over 3500+ units on JVZOO over to Zaxaa.

Zaxaa also integrates with not only Paypal, but Stripe, and more.  Plus they have a FREE fully integrated WordPress Memerbship script: ZaxaaMember

Signup for Zaxaa here.

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