• http://www.ferreemoney.com/ VSEO Social Media

    A decent review, but if you plan ahead a little bit, you won’t waste so much time hard key entry your demo which caused me to click away a view a demo that was more to the point.

    • Andrew Murray

      I hear ya. Yeah, it tripped me up because that was the first time I was using it.

      That’s the problem with Ready, Fire, Aim.

  • vashti

    I liked your review.saw it on youtube. came here because I thought the ending video was here. this is how we all would use it if we were trying it. it was cut off before we actually found out if it works or not. did you see any results.. case study would have helped. maybe I am asking too much.

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I have not done an isolated case study. But, you can easily check your backlinks with a tool like Yahoo Site Explorer. I personally like Web Comp Analyst to track links into my (and my competitors domains.

      I also really like the SEO feature on Market Samurai, but it only can give you details on the top 10 listings for any keyword.

      But I have seen some backlinks sticking from Social Monkee, so I think it’s a great tool if you use it consistently.

  • Chris

    I will try this out but can soomeone please tell mne if this tactic is accepted by Google and other Search Engines. I dont want to run into black hat SEO as my market is hard to stay legitimate with so many other fakes around, I need to stay on the ball and keep my site the best I can get it without cheating as such. Any feedback would be great and in return i’ll sign up under you if you like?

    Thanks in advance

    • Andrew Murray

      This is just social bookmarking.

      It’s white hat. And it only allows you to bookmark eachpage one time from each account. So nothing at all to worry about.

  • Daniel

    So what has your experience been so far? And have you reached 25 referrals and got the upgrade?

    • Andrew Murray

      Yes, I have over 25 referrals. But more importantly I decided to upgrade to use the reports feature.

      Tracking URLs is a pain.

  • http://www.carouselhorsesforsale.com Angela W

    Thanks for the review, for me, this looks a lot simpler to use than AMR.

    • Andrew Murray

      Yes, it’s very simple. And sometimes it’s being able to do the simple things consistently that generate the best results in marketing.

  • Don

    So what if I only had 1 or 2 pages on my website. Does this mean that I can only get 50 backlinks total? Maybe I missed something.

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks correct, Don.

      Consider either creating more articles/videos/Web2.0 content and backlinking that to support your main site.
      Or, you may be better served by SocialAdr which allows you to submit your content and have OTHER members backlink it.

      It’s pretty genius actually.

      I use both Social Monkee and SocialAdr.

  • http://www.namase.com Rajesh @Tips and Tricks

    Thanks for this great post :) I also recommend Social Monkee, I am using it!

    • Andrew Murray

      Yes, it’s very simple to use – that’s part of why it’s so damn effective!

  • vashti

    I tried the free trial and have yet to see results.
    should I try it for a month in the full version. what are some tips..

  • Garmin

    do you manage to upgrade now, for those who have tried, in the last few day and now?

    For me, it’s asking to fill the login details when i am already logged in and when i click on the payment button.
    And it’s not working, I never see the payment page.

    I saw in Warrior forum that multiple problems have been encountered.

    And the support don’t answer to the requests sent to them or very lately (i didn’t receive an answer for the problem, then it’s to give them 47$ to upgrade…).

    Don’t know what is happening…

    • Andrew Murray

      If you clear you cookies, you’ll need to log in again. Otherwise you should be good to go.

  • http://www.toko-lingerie.com Erica

    How long have you been using this? It is PR1
    so many yahoo links, not a single google links. Pls comment this to update if you have Pagerank more than PR1. I will consider to use their service after PR update

    • Andrew Murray

      PR is overrated. Plus there is external PR (that Google shows the world) and internal PR (which Google uses for rankings).

  • Melody

    Thanks for this wonderful post :)

  • http://webergenesisreviews.net Charles

    Andrew, are you sure PR is overrated? Can you back that up because my understanding is that it is extremely important. I like the way social monkee submissions are structured, very easy to submit and no signing up to accounts.. but I was disappointed today when I started taking a look at the page ranks of the domains my bookmarks were on.. I looked at about 20 and the highest was a big fat ZERO… I think I might get Bookmarking Demon as well to supplement social monkee..

    • Andrew Murray

      Hi Charles,

      PR is overrated. It’s not meaningless, but it is overrated. Especially after the Panda update, Google is looking more at the quality of link and link diversity from other factors.
      Now page rank is based on the PAGE. So many social sites have new pages so they may not have any PR yet.

      I do own and have used Bookmarking Demon, but I don’t use it.

      To be honest, in order to really take bookmarking to the next level in effectiveness, you need to get bookmarks from multiple accounts. And that means really creating 20+ accounts in Bookmarking Demon and posting to some but not all of them, and rotating. I would recommend using proxies, which are a pain in the butt to work with. Very hard to put into practice.

      A much simpler way is to join Synnd. Which is kinda like an underground group of bookmarkers, but it happens naturally and more an incredibly diverse set of IPs.

      Synnd has a LITE version, which you can join. I believe it is free. You can save 30% off the PRO price by joining as a LITE member and grabbing the one-time-offer.

      I have not been using Synnd for long, but I *KNOW* Google is going to put MORE of their rankings weight into REAL social media: Facebook Likes, Google+, Social Bookmarking.

      Synnd is where I would focus if you want to get serious about Social Bookmarking and using it for traffic and SEO rankings.

  • http://webergenesisreviews.net Charles

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the diligent response. I’ll take a look at Synnd, thanks a lot.

  • http://www.tokokristik.com kristik

    Thanks andrew for sharing, god bless you :)

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks Kristik. Feel free to ask me anything and I’ll make sure to get you an answer.

  • http://www.dgai.com Dgutman

    Thank you for the share. I have been looking for a tool to help build some links to our new executive search site. Hopefully this can be helpful.

  • http://www.shifnet.com/ Riza

    Nice review. I used it a few months, and the Social Monkee really helped me to get backlinks

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks Riza for sharing your story. Some people are still so skeptical of a solid free product like Social Monkee.

  • http://www.gizmos-online.blogspot.com Gizmos Online

    I just got my premium account in Social Monkee. I’m hoping I can get incredible results in using this product. Great review btw.

    • Andrew Murray

      Yes, it really helps with tracking and organization of your links. Plus 75% more backlinks.

  • http://carpetcleaninginvancouverwa.com Todd

    I personally think Social Monkee is a GREAT service. Love using it! It is VERY effective when used on small to medium local sites. It is all you need many times to get a site ranked really really well. Of course OPSEO is really important also.

    • Andrew Murray

      Thank Todd.

      By the way, ONPSEO means on-page SEO. On-Page SEO is super-easy if you have a plugin like SEOPressor or Clickbump SEO.

  • Surfin-11

    Hello Andrew,

    Do you recommend creating a Feedburner feed out of the RSS feed report then submitting it to RSS directories? Social Monkee recommends this in their tutorial video. I was wondering if you recommend doing this,
    based on your experience or is just pinging the RSS feed sufficient enough to get most of the links indexed.

    Also, what generally is your percentage success rate of the links getting indexed? i.e. out of the 100 social bookmarks, how many of those do you usually see indexed in backlink checkers.

    It would be interesting to hear if Social Monkee has improved anyones position in the SERP’s. I guess its difficult to tell unless its your only source of backlink building.


    • Andrew Murray

      It’s a good idea. More of an advanced tactic, so if you don’t understand RSS feeds, don’t panic!

      But that being said, you can get a ton more backlinks by creating and mixing RSS feeds using something like RSSMixer.

  • http://www.infohiway.net/ Marvs

    Looks like a very helpful tool, though when I tried to sign up I never received the verification email, checked the spam already and nothing there. :(

    How can you check the backlinks?

    • Andrew Murray

      Hi Marvs,

      You need to upgrade to get reports (to check the backlinks).
      It’s useful to grab all the links and throw them into http://www.bulkping.com or something like that.

      Not sure why you didn’t get the link, maybe it was a glitch. Try signing up using a different email account.

  • Fardad

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for all the info. Very reassuring. I have been using Social Monkee as a member for a couple of weeks and it seems to work well, not sure how sticky the bookmarks are going to be but time will tell. I also got the “best spinner” facility and that has saved me so much time and am surprised how well it works. The results needs editing however so the articles are grammatically correct but still seems worth it.

    I would appreciate your view/advice on a simple way I can add my feedburner RSS feeds to all the RSS directories as recommended by SM. Doing them all manually is just not practical.

    • Andrew Murray

      Fardad, I did a short video on RSS submission for you. Please let me know if you find it helpful:


      I also recommend if you have the upgraded version of Social Monkee (like I do) to mass ping your bookmarks using BulkPing.

  • Fardad

    Hi Andrew,
    that is exactly what I was looking for. The video was very useful. Thank you.

  • Steve Shoemaker

    Well, well doing some research on socialmonkee and who’s blog do I find.
    My new facebook friend Andrew.
    Great review Andrew and more importantly great follow up on your comments real value here.
    Just signed up as a free member and was really looking into upgrading.
    So let me see if this is how it goes.
    Let socialmonkee do your bookmarking.
    Grab the final report.
    Then send those through bulkping like you were suggesting for some massive backlinks?


    • Andrew Murray

      Yes, if oyu can backlink your social bookmarking links it gives them more juice. That’s the main benefit of upgrading (the reports) in my opinion.

      SEO is about being organized (I’m not always as organized as I would like to be) and being consistent. Let me know how it goes for you, Steve.

  • Fardad

    It might useful to know that I am finding that many of my links in the social monkee reports have link errors. The first 10-20 are ok, so I missed them at first but nearer the bottom they don’t connect up to anything. This is happening in most of the article submissions to some extent. I would say approx 10%. I have been in touch with the tech support and they don’t seem to know whats going on. I think this project is work in progress but seems worth hanging in and see if they fix the bugs.

    Also converting the social monkee RSS feeds to google feedburner is working out well especially because I can edit out the title to my own title rather than the social monkees own. I have even started to add google adsense to the RSS feeds so they are monetized.

    • Andrew Murray

      Hi Fardad.

      Social bookmarking links are not perfect. Errors can happen. Social bookmarking is a fee, easy to to get links.
      Nice work on the feedburner. If you would, share your step-by-step to take a Social Monkee link and convert it into a Feedburner RSS feed.

      I didn’t even know you could add Adsense to the feeds. Are you getting any clicks from that?

  • John J Callanan

    Hi Andrew, thanks for helping everyone out here. I was wondering, could you use Social Monkee for getting a youtube video ranked?


    • Andrew Murray

      John – ABSOLUTELY!

      Now you’re talking. Most people get ZERO links to their YouTube channel.
      You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

      # of subscribers is a factor, But I did a 2 hour webinar on Video SEO using YouTube. Right now, the entire 2-hours is free.

  • John J Callanan

    Awesome, I will subscribe to your channel, feel free to subscribe to mine as well! Now one more question, so I can use Social Monkee to get a paticular video ranked, not just my youtube channel correct? And would I just use the content I have with that particular video in Social Monkee and sort of treat is as a blog post excpent have my vidio url as the link? Thanks so much and I am going to watch your webinar on Video SEO!


  • Fardad

    Hi Andrew,
    Sorry it has taken me a while to come back to you. I have not forgotten about doing a video of monetizing the SocialMonkee feeds in Feedburner. I am unable to make a Feedburner RSS feed at this time. All social Monkee RSS feeds are showing to be invalid at this time for some reason which is a big problem for adding to Google Feedburner or submitting to RSS directories etc. All I get from W3C validation system is “Server returned HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error”. I will get the video done when they sort this critical issue out. If you get a different result then let me know. Cheers.

  • Andrew Murray

    Thanks for the update Fardad.

    Weird that they are showing as invalid. When I get time I’ll look deeper into this on my Social Monkee account.

  • http://www.MeetDanAndLaura.com Dan Pressler

    Thanks again Andrew! And thanks to all your contributors in the feedback section here as well…I’ve learned some great tips and am going to sign up for Social Monkee now :)

  • http://www.portableincome.net Portable Income

    Andrew, I have a friend who has about 30 web sites with about 20 pages on each site. That is 600 pages. How many back links could he get if he signed up and upgraded in Social Monkee? Mr. Portable Income

    • Andrew Murray

      He would be able to bookmark each individual URL once.

  • http://crybabynews.com james

    I just started using Social Monkee and am very anxious to see how well it works or doesn’t so I can blog about it! Thanks for the information!

  • http://tepublico.es/ diseño web madrid

    Today I start to use and I thiks is a good tool, for save time making linkbulding.

  • SocialMonkee User

    the socialmonkee is NOT work.
    It seem spam site by google.
    google serp was dropped.

    moreover, socialmonkee’s customer service(http://www.reply2colin.com/) is NO RESPONSE service.
    their “60 days refund guarantee” is completely lie.
    socialmonkee is NEVER refund.

    I’m not recommend. It’s just waste of time and money

    • Andrew Murray

      Socialmonkee uses OTHER sites – that’s why it encourages you to spin your descriptions and titles. So what you say doesn’t make much sense.

      Google Penguin/Panda is on the loose. But I don’t find your comment very factual at all.

      I have not refunded anything so I can’t comment on the customer service.

      One point ot keep in mind – is that every SEO change creates opportunity for marketers who are paying attention to what really works – like keeping plugged into my training on SEO, etc. Ther eare still 10 spots on the first page of Google!

  • SocialMonkee User

    ok, thanks.
    I spinned the title and desc in my own way(change random word by php script) not “the BEST spinner” software.
    in my case It surely does not work.
    I think bacause of socialmonkee’s OTHER sites is PR zero(0).

  • http://kingy.me Kingy

    I just signed up, but wanted to know if it was truly legit, and from this post I got my answer. Thank you! :)

    • Andrew Murray

      Cool Kingy!

  • http://blog.robfore.com Rob Fore

    Great review, Andrew. I recently just found this program and it caught my attention. It is one of the least expensive ways I’ve found to get backlinks. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll be testing it out on various authority site links like YouTube videos and Hubpages.

    My question is… are you still using the program and having success post Penquin/Panda? Have you tested the program is isolation? Meaning can it produce a measurable result standing alone?

    • Andrew Murray

      Hey Rob,

      I have tested it in isolation pre-Penguin and found it moved ranks by itself. I have not tested it post-Penguin. But let me know how your tests come out.

  • http://blog.bisnisonlinekita.net peluang bisnis

    Hi Andrew,
    i just register to social monkey after reading your review. Hope this will help my link building activity. Thanks. Yunar

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks Peluang. It sure will help. Enjoy!

  • Krish

    Social monkee is real monkey. The kind of social bookmarking sites it will use for backlinking will be of no help and google will penalize your site for backlinks form those poor sites. most of the social bookmarking sites they use have PR0 and alexa ranking around 1 billion. so just avoid this monkey

    • Andrew Murray

      Thanks for your input, Krish. But it depends on how you use it. Any tool can be used for spam, but the new average user won’t see anything about like what you’re talking about IMO.

  • http://tyronneratcliff.com Tyronne Ratcliff

    Hey Andrew, I went ahead and spent the $7 to get the 25 backlinks a day, but I haven’t taken them up on any of their upsells, but man, for 7 bucks how could you go wrong. I actually plan on upgrading in the future, awesome post by the way!

  • http://www.gamemunition.com Gaming

    This is really a crap. i hate all those people who offers something else and plays with words. What they are doing is that they don’t give you the exact package and pricing. They will give you the figures and asks you to join with $7. When you do that then they simply change their wording.s Then you realize that you cant do what been offered as first place. now you have to buy premium membership for 3 post in a day for more $47.

    Any site which does not give you proper package and pricing detail is a crap. They play with words to push the people to pay them. They should mention the details of premium membership and its package and the package for $7.

    • http://www.andrewmurrayhq.com Andrew Murray

      Not sure why having a paid upgrade makes something crap. Hating people for such a silly reason makes you look like an idiot.

      • http://www.gamemunition.com/ Gaming

        I think i didnt clear my opinion there. Whenever any company offer any services, they mention this on website under packages and pricing. If the site is offering multiple packages then it should be published at first place.
        It is much easier for a user to make up the mind what is required and what is not.
        Sharing an opinion which is not what you may not like, makes idiot to someone then block this comment system please.
        One more thing. Can you kindly share some thoughts/research what are Google’s algo effects on using social monkee system?

        • http://www.andrewmurrayhq.com Andrew Murray

          As a marketer, I like upsells. But I see how these can be annoying. But the product creator creates the sales process. That’s their responsibility and jurisdiction.

          I think that Google algo changes would make this slightly less effective. I have not tested it specifically, but that would be my opinion.