12 ways to get more traffic

12 Critical Ways To Get More Traffic – Tip # 1

If you've had a business for awhile now, you know how important it is to have people seeing your offers. Without it, you can't make any sales which is not only discouraging but obviously detrimental to any business – yes, understanding the ways to get more traffic is vital.

The challenge is that most people don't realize that while it's vitally important to get “traffic” to these offers: you always want to start any business online strategically – and it starts with creating the content that people will consume on your own platform.

Now you may be asking yourself, ‘What does this have to do with “ways to get more traffic”?

12 Ways To Get Traffic – Content On Your Own Platform

Here's what:

Look, right now, social media is all the rage.

You will see people telling you the ways to get more traffic is to:

  • Gain YouTube subscribers
  • Grow your Facebook following,
  • Triple your Instagram followers,
  • Grow your Tik Tok account

…just to name a few but and so they sell you products to grow your social media accounts but here's the deal:

You are at the mercy of all of these social media platforms and in an instant, you can be shut down without warning – it's an awful feeling – and it's happened to countless online entrepreneurs including yours truly, which brings me to the point of today's email: creating content on your own platform.

I have worked with thousands of students who have come to me believing they have an online business but have NO personal platform where they own the content. A personal platform online is one of the main ways to get traffic and sadly is gravely overlooked.

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Creating a successful traffic strategy and developing efficient ways to get more traffic starts with having your own platform – no matter how simple, or how small.

From your own platform, you can control and grow exponentially, without the fear of losing your content, and your followers.

And that’s why you need an internet homebase, a headquarters if you will. This is where a blog comes in.

A home base is a blog where ​you control the content​. You can create content and be in charge of part of your content distribution.

Additionally, blogging content is ​EVERGREEN.

That means that 3 months from now (or 6- or 12- or even 2 years later), you can still be getting the same or more traffic to your blog posts.

Compare that with something like Facebook, which gives your post a very short shelf-life – and ​once it’s gone from the newsfeed nobody will find it​ unless they are looking for it specifically.

Your content is lucky to last more than a day on Facebook!

So creating content on your blog has a longer-term ROI. 

So if you don't have a blog from where you can create your own BRAND, share your own voice, and grow your own list to send offers to, not to mention use some other stellar traffic secrets that we talk about in this report, then you're missing a foundational piece of your internet strategy.

If you have a blog – great!

But if you don't, visit where we can build you a blog for free, you only have the cost of hosting, which is a must for any blog or website that you build.

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At Blog Labs you get set up with a ​FREE WordPress blog​ with the ​Premium Divi Theme installed, and we’ll take care of the entire set up for you. We’ll even set you up with a beautiful custom header. We do blogs…stress free.

(Divi allows you to create visually in WordPress with an easy drag-and-drop interface.) 

The Blog Lab opens every 2 weeks, as it is a hands-on product that we create, but we can help you set up a platform that is your own, and from where a majority of the traffic strategies will run from.

Blogging is a great way to get traffic.

With a little effort you can rank for nearly any keyword phrase you desire and you can get a fresh stream of ​new visitors daily​ – that’s ​residual traffic​ from Google, Bing and a whole lot of other minor Search Engines.

If you have questions on how a blog works with your overall business, let's chat.

I know that online business is a large puzzle and sometimes it's confusing to understand how all the pieces fit together, but that's why I'm here – to help!

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