3 Simple Ways to Make Your Typed Notes Look Handwritten

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Typed Notes Look Handwritten

There is something incredibly special about a handwritten note or letter.

Nowadays with email, texts and typed letters dominating the “writing” landscape, receiving a handwritten note or letter in the mail is a rare occurrence. 

Today, I wanted to share how to make typed notes look handwritten and evoke that special feeling for your customers.

Why We Type

There are many reasons why people opt to send emails, text and typed letters versus a handwritten note, some of which are:

  • It’s faster: The speed at which people receive communication can’t be beaten.
  • It’s just easier to type. 
  • Handwriting can be messy and hard to read, so typed letters are thought to be better.
  • The belief that sending a typed letter is more professional looking and is proper protocol in the workplace. 

Looking at the above list, that all makes sense but even though all of the above reasons are valid points for typing out letters, there is something incredibly special about a handwritten letter or note. In fact, in the business environment, receiving a handwritten letter versus a typed letter makes a huge and lasting impact that can help you and your company stand out from the competition! Who wouldn't want that!?

And for the sake of well-being, did you know that receiving a handwritten letter actually makes you happier? If that isn’t one of the best reasons to send a handwritten letter, I don’t know what is!

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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Typed Notes Look Handwritten

The “Feelings” of A Handwritten Letter

A handwritten letter or note automatically invokes a certain feeling…Of warmth, thoughtfulness, appreciation.

Getting a handwritten letter is a wonderful surprise. Very rarely to do you get something handwritten anymore.

A handwritten letter is a throwback to another time. The past…where things were slower paced and people took the time.  

It’s traditional. When we think of handwritten letters, we have this romanticized idea of people writing to one another, penning long letters, and taking the time to pour out their heartfelt thoughts and emotions in their words. Let’s face it, we don’t get the same feeling from a typed letter. In fact, if you think about it, the typed word is somewhat “cold.”

And when you get a handwritten letter, it makes you feel like someone took the time to send you something personal and special.

So what do you do if you want to make your typed letters look handwritten but don’t have the time or don’t like your handwriting? Keep reading because a company out of Arizona made writing handwritten notes and cards as easy and quick as sending emails!

How You Can Make Your Typed Notes Look Handwritten

What if you could send people handwritten letters without having to do it yourself?

What if sending a personal handwritten letter was fast, easy, and cost as much as sending a card?

Here is how to make typed notes look handwritten.

With 3 easy steps, the service Handwrytten, can help you create that personalized, wonderful feeling that only a handwritten note can bring:

1. Go to their website and simply use their website or app to type out the message you would like to handwrite. 

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2. Next, you pick from their selection of cards and if you like, you can even send in your design files with your own stationery and they can write on that

See the some of their selection of cards here:

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Typed Notes Look Handwritten

3. Handwriting robots equipped with real pens go ahead and write out your message!

With 30 handwriting samples to choose from, you are sure to find something that you like and that resembles your own penmanship. If you want to use your own handwriting or signature, there is that option too!

Check out the various writing styles below:

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Typed Notes Look Handwritten
3 Simple Ways to Make Your Typed Notes Look Handwritten

That’s all it takes to get a harndwritten letter sent out.

The letter you send will be marked with your own return address. There is no branding of any sort on the letter and your recipient with get that amazing feeling that only a handwritten card can provide, and you get the happiness of knowing that you are responsible for that awesome feeling!

Final Thoughts on Handwritten Notes and Letters

Handwritten notes demonstrate how special the recipient of your letter or note truly is. 

Handwritten notes stand out noo matter what the situation: work or personal.

Behind each handwritten note is the time taken and thought behind it. People know how much goes into a handwritten letter and you can be sure that it your letter will be remembered and cherished.

Give it a try today.

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