How to Transition From Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing


The American Marketing Association considers digital marketing as important as traditional marketing. As a result of smart technology and social media, digital marketing has created a new wave of influence and reach. As a business owner today, you may straddle two different marketing worlds.

Your business needs the traditional marketing approach. However, digital marketing can take your enterprise into this new age more quickly and efficiently. But, how can you make this transition seamlessly?

What is the best marketing strategy or marketing plan? Read on to learn everything you need to know. 

Find Your Audience Online 

When transitioning from traditional marketing to digital marketing, you'll need to know where the opportunities are to make an impact. For example, in traditional marketing, you send a direct mailer to a client's home. While in digital marketing, you may create a social media advertisement. 

To reach the right clients online, you need to know where your audience is. Does your business typically appeal to an older or higher-income audience? Is your client young and trend-driven?

Market research and data can help identify your client's behaviors. Do you struggle to find this information? A marketing agency like william lawrence advertising may be beneficial. 

Prepare Your Team to Transition

To launch new marketing strategies, you'll need to train your team. Some of your team members may have decades worth of traditional media experience.

So, how can you leverage those traditional skills in the transition to the digital age? Create an action plan that specifically targets individual staff members' roles and skillsets. For example, copywriters can leverage skills for online marketing campaigns or content calendars. 

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And, the business development team can transition from traditional partnerships to online partnerships to make an impact. The key is being able to identify your team's already existing skillset and develop an action plan to take those abilities online. 

Reimagine Content

Shifting traditional marketing efforts online doesn't always mean reinventing the wheel. Reimagining content is central to this change. For example, your business may mail letters to clients.

How can you adapt that same messaging in an email campaign? Or, how can you transition copy from a print advertisement to catch a client's eye on social media?

Refit the content to work across digital platforms. That may mean focusing on evergreen content like photos or videos. 

The Transition From Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing Can Transform Your Business

Do you feel prepared to transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing? This big change doesn't have to feel stressful or scary. Remember to reimagine your content for a new digital perspective.

Know where your audience is online. Understand how to train your staff to make this transition successful and impactful. Once you follow these steps, you will feel prepared to take your business marketing efforts online.

Opening up your marketing strategies to the new age can transform your business, attract more clients, and grow your profits.

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