Spotify is a great service. For me, I love to stream music and not have to have tons of MP3 files on my computer.

The best part of Spotify is the custom playlists.

How To Convert Spotify To MP3
This post will show you how to download Spotify MP3s

As soon as you start using Spotify, you naturally like certain songs. Spotify has a propritarty system that gives you fresh custom mixes every week based on your listening and like history.

These contain songs you like, similar artists, and most importantly new artists that might become your next favourite.

Apart from the custom mixes, there is also the Radar Release Mix – which is a collection of artists you like and might like who just released new songs – so you can keep current on your music water cooler talk. And there is also, my favourite, the Discover Weekly playlist which is an AI-curated list with all kinds of artists you like and might like.

This allows you to find, discover and enjoy new music. I love the feeling of discovering a new, awesome song.

By the way, if you like Discovering new songs, check out DiscoverQuickly, which allows you to find new songs faster using the Spotify new music discovery algorithm.

Spotify also has some exclusive music and podcasts, like the Spotify Singles, where artists record covers or new songs exclusively for Spotify at Spotify Studios. Some of their podcasts are exclusive, like the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Streaming Spotify is great, but what about Downloading from Spotify?

You can download Spotify songs and playlists with both Spotify FREE and Spotify Premium. One of the perks of Spotify Premium is that you can download an entire playlist my clicking a toggle.

spotify to mp3 conversion

Another awesome perk that you only get with Spotify Premium is that you can play any song you want anytime. With Spotify Free, you can really only listen to a particular playlist or album, but not a specific song.

You also get the experience of Spotify without the annoying ads, which can get repetitive, and a higher quality version of the song – which I really don’t notice TBH.

What I don’t like about downloading Spotify from Spotify Premium is that the files are stuck inside your phone, inside your Spotify playlists.

So what’s the best way to download Spotify Playlists to MP3?

I created a short tutorial video that walks you through the entire process of downloading a Spotify playlist, or a Spotify song to your computer in high-quality MP3 format – with the complete and correct song meta-data.

Now why is the meta-data important?

To some people it’s not. But I like my iTunes library useable – and as soon as you start adding songs you downloaded from the YouTube video version, for example, you lose everything. No more correct artist data. No cover art.

And if you download an album from a torrent site, like ThePirateBay, you will often find that the artist or the album name is replaced by a torrent site – which means annoying meta-data issues.

I hate that because I like to assemble playlists to play in my car using Apple CarPlay. With CarPlay, you can hear the song in full high-quality, and you have the correct album art – which adds to my experience of listening to music. It’s just important to me.

So here’s how to download Spotify Songs (Or Entire Playlists) To MP3:

In this demonstration I’m using this software.

I find that it makes it really easy, and I like how you can download an entire playlist from Spotify to MP3 with a single click.

Click here to download the software and try it out for yourself:

This saves me not only money, but time and headache because I’m just too busy to fix meta-data manually. Ugh.

If this worked for you, let me know in the comments so other readers know that it works.