How To Use The Sobeys App Correctly

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How to use the Sobeys App

Sobeys recently unveiled a new way for busy Canadians to plan meals and organize their weekly shopping with the launch of its new free mobile app for iPhone and Android: The Sobeys App! Featuring hundreds of easy to prepare recipes, new ingredients to discover and instant access to a personalized weekly flyer, the app makes it easy to shop for fresh, tasty and seasonal food and can potentially save you time and money.

The app introduces new and “must try” items and recommends recipes featuring those products which can be a springboard for meal planning.

Discover recipes!
You know when you’re in the grocery store after work, wondering what to cook for dinner? Here’s where the Sobeys app comes in handy, highlighting a favourite recipe of the week, in addition to the hundreds of other recipe ideas in the app. The simple search feature in the “Get Cooking” section makes meal planning on the spot (i.e. in the supermarket!) quick and easy and lists not only ingredients (with the option to add them to a saved shopping list) and directions for each dish but also nutritional information. You can filter search results around the type of meal you are looking for (lunch, dinner, breakfast etc…), any dietary restrictions, the type of cuisine you are interested in and also filter based on the occasion you are cooking for. Warning, it’s easy to get a little lost in the app meaning, one idea leads to another…

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Introducing the smart shopping list!
The app’s built-in shopping list is designed to help you get organized and save time. A great feature of this is that you can log in from any device to access the same list – so from your tablet, laptop or smart phone. You can add ingredients from the featured recipes to your list or add items from your flyer. Add any other item to your list as well (not from the flyer or app recipes). When you’re in the store, you can check off items as you buy them.

Your weekly flyer – on the go!
Once you’ve selected your local store, the app provides anytime, anywhere access to the Sobeys weekly flyer, allowing you to search for items easily, and even filter the flyer by the department. You can add items to your shopping list directly from the flyer.

All in all though, a very promising app – I look forward to seeing it get better in future versions.

Learn more about the Sobeys app.

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