Top 3 Free YouTube Tools You Should Be Using in 2021

I love YouTube.  (mostly!)
But as a platform for getting targeted, free traffic, it's incredible.

I'm surprised how many people tell me they can't do videos.  Look, I *HATE* editing my own videos.   Yup.  I hate it.

It's all ego.

Get out of your own way and just take action!

You'll be glad you did.

So for all those aspiring marketers out there who want some help in boosting their results in YouTube, I'm sharing 3 killer tools in this email.

1) YT Studio

YTStudio is the official app for YouTube analytics.  And it makes it a LOT easier to quickly gain access to your revenue (if you're monetized) and which videos are getting views.

Plus, you can easily respond to comments.

A lot of those things are hidden under the large left-hand navigation menu on YouTube desktop, but download this little gem.  It will definitely hone your focus on your channel.

2) Thumbnail Creator

On YouTube, videos are judged by their thumbnail.  You *HAVE* to judge books by their covers in the digital age.
Bad news for us non-designers, eh?

No, not really.  The only piece of software I have tried to learn and never had success with is Photoshop.  So I know your pain.  It's actually super-easy to make an eye-popping thumbnail.

Check out this video that shows you how to create a wicked thumbnail.

(Using completely free software!)

3) TubeBuddy

This is the swiss army knife of YouTube.  It has a free version, but once you get serious, you'll likely upgrade to one of the paid plans.  However, the paid version will help you get some serious traffic, and show you the best tags for your video and optimize it like a boss!

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I refuse to upload a video without TubeBuddy logged in.  It makes sure you do all those little things that are the difference between success and failure when it comes to uploading a video to YouTube.

(Which, by the way, if you want to optimize it, is not as simple as it seems.)

TubeBuddy also lets you *SPY* on your competitors videos, which is really cool.  It's actually a free chrome or firefox addon.  Super helpful.
Here's the link to get TubeBuddy.

So if you take these 3 tips, you'll see a massive boost in your YouTube results.

Got a channel?   Comment below with the link and let me take a look.  I might give you some pointers!

PS – If you do decide to upgrade to a paid version of TubeBuddy, send me a message so I can get you a promo code!

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