Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group Review

Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group Review


A new business has just opened its doors and is looking to be a great success – Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group. Mike Dillard is well know in internet marketing circles and has been CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring but now feels that he has contributed all he can for the present to marketing and has decided to take a slightly different route – coaching people on how to manage their money using techniques and strategies used by the super-rich.

This actually has been a passion of mine also, and is similar to the DVD I created in 2011 called “How To Get Rich.”

The Elevation Group Webinar

To find out more about the Elevation Group, watch the webinar with Mike Dillard explaining TheElevationGroup:

Mike Dillard's The Elevation Group
The Elevation Group Webinar Opening Frame

What Is the Mission of the Elevation Group?


Mike Dillard has brought together a number of individuals who make not only tens of millions but even hundreds of millions of dollars – people who not only know how to make money but also know how to manage their money; and has created a membership website where people from all walks of life can learn how to manage their money more effectively and what they should be investing in.

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mike dillard from the elevation group
mike dillard founder of the elevation group

Mike Dillard admits that he has never been very good when it comes to investing or managing money and that he knows that there are many other people in the same boat and so he has brought together a group of select individuals to show us how it is done. He says, ‘for the very first time, you will have access to the strategies and techniques that are actually used by the truly rich, to invest, protect and grow their wealth, especially during the turbulent times we’re faced with today.’

Elevation Group Bonus:

Here's a video where I explain the bonuses for joining The Elevation Group through my link:

I have created an entire salespage explaining my Elevation Group bonuses here. (Opens in a new window)

The Launch of the Elevation Group


The Elevation Group has just launched on the 20th October 2010 and there is currently a free video of the launch available on This 1 ½ hour video in itself contains some very interesting information regarding our financial system, the Federal Reserve Bank, currency, etc. which is worth knowing about.

The Elevation Group launched by Mike Dillard this month promises to teach people of all walks of life how to manage their money correctly and how they can avoid becoming one of the statistics wiped out by economic depressions such as we are currently facing. These lessons are taught by a group of select individuals who know how to make and manage large sums of money. If you need assistance in knowing how to manage your money through this difficult economic period or even if you are doing well but know that there is always more to learn when it comes to finances then you may be interested in joining the Elevation Group.

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Andrew Murray & The Elevation Group

Andrew Murray is one of the founding members of the Elevation Group, and as a bonus for joining the Elevation Group through my link, I'm going to ship for (free of charge) my DVD “How To Get Rich” where I explain over 100+ minutes of how the wealthy think, act and invest.

This DVD is only available if you use my link.

This is only ONE of my bonuses.  I explain my other The ElevationGroup bonuses fully on my site:

My Private The Elevation Group Bonus Package

Have you seen the full 90+ minute training yet?

Click Here To Watch The Elevation Group Video

If you've already seen the presentation, you saw the order buttons pop up 80 minutes or so into the video.  You can order directly through my links here without watching the video again.

Order For One-Time Annual Fee.

Order For Monthly Membership Fee

(You must use the link above to get my bonuses for the launch of Mike Dillard's Elevation Group.)

Opt-in to get on my private Elevation Group pre-launch list.  I'll be doing a private webinar about some of the best things I know about money this Friday.  Register here:


Join The Elevation Group Here

(The order links will appear after when the elevation group webinar is ending.)

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  2. Hi Andrew,

    I sent an email to you on 20th Dec under my wife’s name Maryse Tan after getting my order details as below:
    Order ID : ELEV1-201012200046-xxxxxxx
    Order Date: 20 DEC 2010 00:46:23

    Did you get it? am I still eligible for your bonuses? I’m happy to get in EVG and also the PPP. I’m dead serious to work with you under the umbrella of EVG.

    Looking forward to your fast reply.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  3. Hi, I joined the Elevation Group yesterday and am a bit confused. I’m not clear on what to expect from this organization. Are most of the members business owners? Are there job opportunities in the Elevation Group?

    1. Hi Cindy,
      The Elevation Group is an educational membership based around investing and wealth building.
      Do you need help investing?
      Let me know what I can do to help you out.

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