morningfame review

MorningFame Review

Morningfame is a YouTube guidance tool. It basically tells you in a fun, gamified way, which of your videos are performing best, and which analytics are growing or retracting.

So MorningFame is ideal for anybody that wants to get more insights and focus on how to grow their YouTube channel and their YouTube audience.

morningfame review - morningfame dashboard
MorningFame Dashboard

Who Created MorningFame?

The creator of Morningfame, Nico, is a good guy. I’ve spoken to him on several occasions, and he definitely is committed to growing this SAAS.

nico morningfame creator youtube tool
Hey, it's Nico from MorningFame!

Morningfame is basically a software that sits on top of Youtube. So its entire ecosystem is reliant on YouTube analytics and YouTube API.

The thing about Morningfame though, is that he is a genius when it comes to what he can get from the YouTube API.

youtube api
YouTube API

That’s his genius. (And yes, I mean genius.)

If you care about YouTube Analytics – or about getting clear, actionable steps to growing your Youtube Channel, you need Mornignfame!

OK, so first off, weird name, right? Morningfame?  I don’t know exactly what it about, but I suspect it is based on the old phrase attributed to Andy Warhol: everyone has 15-minutes of fame.

And that Youtube is making more people famous – from Jeff Paul to Mr. Beast.  There are a lot of YouTube famous people.

But the cool thing is that even if you have a serious channel on a serious topic, this Morningfame thing makes it more fun and enjoyable!

And when YouTube becomes fun, the subscribers start to rise, and everything seems to bring your way.

So who is MorningFame Built For?

So the product is really essential for everyone that is SERIOUSLY building a Youtube channel.

It’s one of those things that if you don't know it exists, you really wouldn't think of it… but once you see how it helps you understand what you need to now your channel, you fall in love with it, and it becomes an essential part of your YouTube channel growth.

All you latest videos are sortable by these filters, which really make more sense than YouTube Analytics displaying just the raw data.

morningfame analytics free

YouTube Analytic Tools

So I love finding new tools. And I was not in the market for a new tool as I was already using TubeBuddy – and I assumed that Morningfame was pretty similar.

So, because I *wrongly* assumed it was so similar, I was actually quite slow to carve out the time to take MorningFame for a test run.

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The other thing that was a little odd is you are REQUIRED to use a promo code. You have to be referred to use the tool.

This is actually pretty cool because it means that the developer really wants to help support his “affiliates” as much as possible.  There is not a real affiliate program.  You can't earn any money by sharing MorningFame.  However, you can earn free service by referring people to MorningFame.

I should mention that there is no real affiliate program. It’s more of a referral program.

Meaning, if you refer somebody, you both get one month free, but you don’t earn any commissions.

So if you want to give MorningFame a try, please use the link here my son's account.  (My account is already free.)

Click Here To Try MorningFame for Free

I’m helping him be an entrepreneur and grow his channel too. (If you check out his channel, please subscribe!)

So before MorningFame, I mainly used Tubebuddy to help on uploads of videos and for tag research.

BTW, tag research is very important for YouTube, and there are some real killer tips I talk about inside this free training on YouTube Optimization.

Once I got started with Morningfame, I honestly wished I had started earlier.

Morning Fame Killer Feature:

One of the features actually tells you which of the tag you could be ranking for – but did NOT select on your initial upload.

Even though I consider myself a tag researching guru, I still get some very good suggestions – and usually ones I would not think of.  The other thing is that they rank the tags based on search volume, so you can know which ones are the most advantageous to select as your YouTube tags.

The downside is that this feature only works with an email 24 hours after the initial upload. This is a limitation of the YouTube API, so currently there is no way to check older videos except manually.

However, it’s such a killer feature – because it's basically giving you free rankings that you would otherwise have missed.

I consider this worthwhile for the cost of the service.

In addition, the email contains the top 5 thumbnails (and yours) so you can visually compare which one looks the most clickable. I like this because I can see, without distraction, which thumbnails are the most visually appealing for the click – and as you know it's easy to re-do your thumbnail.

Here's how that part of the email looks:

morningfame youtube thumbnail analysis ctr youtube metrics

The reason this is so important is that CTR of your thumbnails, in comparison to other thmbnails is a highly important metric to YouTube. They use that data to select which videos they will show MORE often and which videos they will server LESS often.

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So this, in itself, is worth the cost of MorningFame also.

Pros of Morningfame:

Nothing to install. You simply log in to your YouTube account and allow the permissions.

This means it's not like Tubebuddy where you can frequently become logged out and need to re-login in to access the tools.

Give your very actionable advice.

The Awesome 24-hour post upload email from Morningfame!

Cons of Morningfame:

The keyword research module is available 24 hours for every 2 weeks, unless you get the premium version.

Morningfame can be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of features and ways that the data is presented. Although the onboarding process makes it much easier by unlocking only certain areas at a time.

So if you plan to produce more/better YouTUbe videos and want to get maximum distribution organically – and who doesn’t? Then this is for you.

If you don’t really care about the SEO of your YouTube videos, then you don’t need to take a free trial of MorningFame.

The negative aspect of Morningfame is that it can be overwhelming. Although, truth be told, you probably feel that way trying to decipher YT analytics. And MorningFame is actually quite accessible.

Even if you don't grasp everything, you'll get some ideas on how to get your videos wider distribution and what's working best on your channel.

Killer Morningfame feature:

Of all the features you get with MorningFame, one of my absolute favorites is you get an email 24-hours after uploading a new video from MorningFame. And it includes the tags that are in your video – and what you are currently ranking in YouTube Search for those particular tags.

But you also get a list of tags you COULD be ranking for but are not – and your competitors are ranking for. Despite thinking I'm amazing at keyword research, I usually find some tags to swap out to actually improve my overall YouTube search rankings using this MorningFame email.

This alone would be worth the cost of MorningFame – which is easy to get free if you put a link to MorningFame in your default description upload text. Trust me.

CTR is a core metic on YouTube, so this is really helpful for optimization.

Keep in mind that optimization is not a one-and-done thing. If you really want to grow your channel, you want to review your data and re-optimize or tweak tags, thumbnails, and descriptions from time-to-time.

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I also like that this 24-hour Morningfame email encores me to go back and tweak the optimization after 24 hours. So it gets me engaged with the content I just put out. And that video I still need to be sharing over social media for the first few days also.

There are a lot of other features and it looks at your channel and tells you what to focus on – ie on growing subscribers, picking video topics, etc.

So it really used machine learning to help you with your channel.

A Quick Note About the YouTube Studio App

By the way, for quick YT Analysis I really like the YT Studio app.

I use it to keep a quick handle on my youtube ad revenue, searches, most popular videos, and such. It’s a simplified version of the YT Studio analytics. If you not using it, I highly recommend it.

Download it here

MorningFame Bonus:

In addition to the MorningFame tool and all the benefits you'll get with that, if you take a free test drive of MorningFame (you don't even need to keep it) I’m going to give a free audit of your YouTube Channel. And I will also give you a free PDF that shows you how to optimize your YouTube videos when uploading them to YouTube. There are several steps you need to take in order to get the maximum distribution from Youtube's algorithm and I'll show you exactly how to upload your videos and get more views.

Just let me know you used my link via my contact page and be sure to include your name, email address, and your YouTube Channel URL so I can do a review/audit on your channel and send you a video. All for free!

Click here to give MorningFame a try.

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