Ocean Avenue Review

Ocean Avenue Review

Ocean Avenue is the new MLM on the block. It was started by Ken Dunn and Fred Ninow – both of whom have extensive MLM experience.

ocean avenue review

Ocean Avenue seems to be cultivating a culture of cool and hipness as was pioneered by Visalus. Having a cool company culture is a good thing, in my opinion.

Of all the factors people consider when choosing a network marketing company to promote is the “coolness factor” as superficial as that sounds. People are addicted to products that will make them cooler, or sexier, or better. People always gravitate to things they think are cool – and away from things that seem dull and ordinary.

Who's Behind Ocean Avenue?

Fred Ninow is from Max International – and was one of the very top distributors in that program.

Ken Dunn was a master distributor for Max International, and was involved in a lawsuit with Melaleuca involving Terry Dorffman.

Ken Dunn comes out of his experiences with Evolv Health – which tried to sell water through MLM. He has a strong reputation of leadership and this should be a much better fit for him and his talents.

The Ocean Avenue products seem to be extremely well-made. They certainly are centered first around health, and use natural sweeteners like Stevia instead of products like sucralose.

franco cavaleri ocean avenue
yes, that's really him!

And they are created/formulated by Franco Cavaleri BSc NB. Franco is a former soccer player, weight lifter, and published scientist. So he has a unique combination of scientist and athlete – which brings a real world experience to health that a lot of scientists just don’t have.

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The Ocean Avenue Product Line:

It’s funny, because I know for a fact I’ve been at a health conference at least 7 years ago and saw this guy speak. He is the real deal. I don’t know how he got connected with Ken Dunn and Fred Ninow, but I do know that his real passion is good health – and on the organic side. Some of the ingredients in the products are even organic – which obviously carries higher costs.

In my opinion, people will always spend money on things they think are important. Organic and “healthy processed products” are two of the fastest growing segments in the food marketplace. So they may be on to something here.

The Ocean Avenue Compensation Plan

The Ocean Avenue compensation plan touts a full 50% BV payout into the field. They have also included “perks and vacations” which has been proven to have more influence on motivating individuals than income alone.

It is a unilevel with a binary coded bonus. Complicated, but they are swinging for the fences on this one. It looks like there is some big money to be made to the people who get positioned quickly inside of Ocean Avenue.

Troy Dooly, fresh off the complete failure of Zeek Rewards, which he so highly touted is one of the first visible leaders to take an open position with Ocean Avenue.

Will he get it right this time? Only time will tell.

Here's What To Do If You Market Ocean Avenue

If you want to know how to market Ocean Avenue – or how to generate leads for any network marketing company, I would highly suggest you watch this webinar I put together – on that subject exactly.

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