Team Beachbody Review

Team Beachbody Review

Team Beachbody is a very interesting network marketing company.

There are quite a few unique things about Team Beachbody and the Team Beachbody opportunity that you should be aware of if you are looking to build an income as a Team Beachbody coach.

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Generally speaking, most network marketing companies don't do expensive media ads.  They pay that advertising stream into the promoters or reps who are paid for word-of-mouth referrals.

But Team Beachbody has been building their company and brand for the last 11 years.  And they have penetrated into the lucrative fitness market.   Their goal is to be a catalyst to help people achieve one of te major goals people have – to become fit.  And to do that, people need, support, motivation, and products.  Team Beachbody has tried to position themselves as the leader in this field.

While Team Beachbody has decided to spend lots of money on media ads and late-night infomercials, which has generated some knowledge of their products, like Tony Horton's ultra-popular P90x, and Hip Hop Abs, it often takes money away from distributors.

Basically, Team Beachbody pays out less in commission to their field of reps (or Beachbody coaches) because they have significant hard advertising costs like TV commercials – which build brand – and also aim to make sales directly.

So essentially, a coach in Team Beachbody is in competition against the corporate advertising (where they pay no commissions to the distributors.)  And this is a dangerous double-edged sword to anybody who is looking to build a business income as a Beachbody coach.

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I read online that they spend over $90 Million dollars in TV advertising, which is like David going up against Goliath if you are a TeamBeachbody Coach.

The Beachbody Product Review

The P90x program is very popular, and has a strong reputation as a workout routine that delivers results.  In fact, there any many people who swear by the P90x programs who are not involved in the business.  It's just a very effective, very focused workout routine that works!

They have also added additional training routines like the Insanity Workout, the Hip Hop Abs and many others.

Here's the main problem with workout routines:

  • They have a much lower stick rate than somebody working with a personal trainer
  • They have a much lower stick rate than a gym membership
  • They don”t use machines, which are popular with people as they start to enjoy working out – so people often get a gym membership or buy a unit like the Bowflex instead.
  • You don't need to buy a new one every month

And they are widely available for free on torrent sites.

Also, they sell Beachbody Pullup Bars, and Beachbody resistance bands and related items.  The main problem with these is that those sorts of products are commodity items.  You can get the exact same thing from Wal-Mart,, or Winners.

Shakeology Review

So Team Beachbody also created a nutritional shake called Shakeology.

shakeology review

Shakeology is a workout/meal replacement shake with high-protein, that is also used as pre-workout or post-workout shake.

It's a good shake.

Shakeology is a decent product, comparable to the shakes at GNC, but nothing revolutionary.  It seems like it was more of an add-on.

One of the benefits, is that it creates a residual income stream for coaches who promote Beachbody.


Beach Body Club Membership

The Beachbody club membership is an “addon product also.

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Basically at almost $40 per month, you get recipes, an online support community and some videos.  It was really added in to add a residual component to people who promote the Beachbody business.  And I think it's a little over-priced for what it does.  But it does offer forced continuity for the company and distributors.

I was unable to find any retention rates, but the average in the industry is 3.4 months.

Here is a video review of about the Shakeology shakes:


Team BeachBody Compensation Plan

Team Beachbody has a binary compensation plan – which is a compensation plan that favors the owners of Beachbody.  Typically in a binary, you see a some people who are making a ton of money, but most people are earning less than $1000/mo.

Beachbody Coaches earn 50% of the income from their direct referrals.

Here is their official compensation plan video, so you need to read between the lines, but it's a good idea to watch it if you're considering Team Beachbody:

The compensation plan is a tough one to excel at.

Team Beachbody Coaches

The entire coaching industry is plagued by not having a universal body governing coaching certifications.  This involves the fitness community and the life-coaching community.  In fact, Team Beachbody coaches just have to sign up as reps to become a Team Beach Body coach, so it's really just a name.  This means there is a wide variety of quality in the knowledge of Beach Body coaches.

Team Beachbody Scam

Team Beachbody is not a scam, but it certainly has a LOT of complaints, which is typical of an aggressive infomercial company.

Watch this short video review I recorded about whether Beachbody is really a scam:

Team Beachbody Intangibles

Team Beachbody is probably the leading network marketing company right now for people who are addicted (in a good way) to working out, and fitness professionals.

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The fact that Beachbody spends so much money competing with their own distributors is a deal killer, in my opinion.

A couple other problems are the fact that Team Beachbody, while it does have good products, only appeals to a narrow market segment – people who work out without large exercise equipment and gym memberships.  And I think that most people who really embrace fitness move beyond doing DVDs at home.

Their best product is the DVDs, which cannot create true residual income.

Team Beachbody does attract the right kind of people – healthy successful people who have developed the discipline to work out.  Action takers.  So if you are looking at Team Beachbody, I'd love to show you a much better income stream for a personal trainer – and how specifically I can help you with my advanced marketing skills.  Just fill out my contact form and get in touch!






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    My name is Maxine Telford-Wolfe and I am trying desperately to reach you. I did leave a voice mail earlier today, August 6th, 2012, with my name and number twice as requested by your answering machine. Is there anyway you could please contact me ? My phone number is: 760-530-0362. I am interested in the Facebook Webinar and I also happen to be a Team Beach Body Independent Coach. I would really like to speak with you. We spoke via email last week and I requested a phone call for: August 4th, 2012 but never heard from you. If I don’t hear from you today, I will leave you alone because I do not want to continue to feel like I am bothering you.

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  2. Andrew let me make one piece of advice… If you are going to research, then take a good course on how to research & find credible sources!! Your points are misleading & NOT factual & as for your charts… they are incorrect as I have the bag of Shakeology in front of me. Perhaps try writing fiction novels & keep drinking your Vi shakes & see how you feel a year from now 🙂

  3. Hey some good points. I like the fact they do the advertising. No other companies like this do. Also know that all the people who buy the workouts from tv are assigned to coaches. So as I coach I get a few free customers a week that are working out with a beachbody product. They can then in turn buy more and I get the commission. Pretty sweet!

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