Weekend Beat: Episode 4

It's Friday! Time for the Weekend Beat to get you through your weekend.

And I'm going to be dropping 3 nuggets for you each week.

1) A tool or resource I've been using (often free).

2) A song I've had on repeat this week

3) A short thought or idea you can put into action or reflect on for the weekend.

So pretty simple.

So let's get started.

1) Tool

OK, this is a little different. I have not actually watched the webinar yet (it's on my list), but Wilco de Kreij, one of the marketers whom I genuinely respect, was giving away 2 free software tools he uses for Facebook Ads on his webinar.

Here's the link to the webinar replay.


So, I haven't fully vetted it for you, but I'm certain it's worthwhile.

2) Song

A song I've had on repeat this week is Peggy Sue Got Married by John Doe. Not sure why I like this one so much, but I tend to skip it back and hear it a couple of times.

I really like how it starts building slowly at about 1:51.

The whole album, a cover album celebrating Buddy Holly is pretty good. There are a couple terrible songs, like the one by Lou Reed. Ughh. When I think of Lou Reed from Velvet Underground to his later stuff – man, that must be the further somebody has fallen.

Anyway, the Album Rave On Buddy Holly is good. In fact, it's pretty amazing to listen to Buddy Holly, one of my Mom's favourites, and see how well his melodies hold up. I imagine he would have created some other truly incredible songs if he hadn't been on that plane

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3) Concept

Fasting. I had a fantastic conversation about fasting and the health benefits with a guy who is a father of somebody else on the elite soccer team Jack plays for.

So here's something I know for a fact: caloric restriction is correlated with longevity. And the reverse is true also.

I actually started fasting again recently because I drank some bad Kombucha and … well without going into the gory details… I decided to skip eating for about 36 hours.

So, the interesting thing was after the fast… the first thing I noticed, was that even starting to eat again, I naturally ate less without any effort or willpower.

It changes your “patterns” with food in addition to the health benefits.

Two resources to dig deeper into the subject are…

Great into-level documentary by Michael Mosley.

Excellent resource on Intermittent Fasting.

To be honest, I'm fasting right now.

I strongly recommend anyone interested in checking out those resources above.

And that's it! Have a great weekend!

Tomorrow I'm going to a soccer game where my son is going to be a ball boy. Can't wait!

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