Weekend Beat: Episode 5

It's the Weekend!  Time for the Weekend Beat to get you through your weekend.
Yesterday the Women's World Cup started in France.

France bossed the park in the opening game.  I'm excited to see more of the games this month during the tournament.

If you're a cord cutter, like me, you can watch the games this month on FuboTV.

So here are your three nuggets…

1) A tool or resource I've been using (often free).2) A song I've had on repeat this week3) A short thought or idea you can put into action or reflect on for the weekend.

So pretty simple.

So let's get started.

1) Tool

I really like this free checklist tool.  Checklists are important for creating systems and gettin' stuff dun!

This one has a REALLY nice interface, an iOS app, and they have a free and paid version.  They also have hidden away a publisher version – which allows you to create unlimited checklists for free (and you can keep some private if you like.)

It was created by Marvin Russell, who is an SEO guy.  So the checklists you publish are optimized to do well in the search engine results.

(For the SEO geeks out there, the way the structured data of a “list” is presented to the search engines is ideal for optimization.)

My advice?   Go grab a publisher account from this link.

2) Song

A song I've had on repeat this week is Get Free by Major Lazer featuring Amber of the Dirty Projectors.

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I love the video on YouTube: real gritty candid shots of life in Jamaica.  It reminds me of when I've visited non-first world countries.  The first time was a real eye opener.  It gives you perspective and empathy.

And I love the beat.  It's addictive.

And I love the way the song captures the sentiment of trying to get out and not being able to.  Hope you enjoy it!

3) Concept

Your audience.

Where is your audience?  How can you get in front of your audience?  Is there a place where you can easily get in front of your audience even if you don't have a list?

Some people do this on Facebook.  But maybe Instagram is easier to get in front of and build your audience.

Personally, I love YouTube.

The audience is there and it's easy to get videos ranked if you follow this step by step formula I lay out for you.  (No charge for that one!)

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