Weekend Beat: Episode 7

It's the Weekend!  Time for the Weekend Beat to get you through your weekend.

So today is my son's birthday.

Awesome guy.  So I've been out doing birthday stuff all day.

We did our first escape room together, which was incredibly well done.  Like freakin' awesome!

We were trying to steal Mr. Coleman's prize jewel and get off the train in under an hour.  We came up just short.  But it was really detailed and well-done.

it was an immersive experience complete with ambient train and crowd sound and tons of old set pieces that made it seems like a meticulous movie studio set.

Of course, Jack being so competitive, has ranked us all on our performance! LOL!

If you're in the Dartmouth/Halifax area, check out Tic Tac Go.  Incredible!

Side note: One reason these are so addictive is they require intense focus, which puts you in the state of Flow.  (If you're not familiar with the concept of flow, read this.)

We all had a blast.

By the way, if you want to catch the knockout round of the Women's World Cup, you can stream every game on FuboTV.

So here are your three nuggets…

1) A tool or resource I've been using (often free).2) A song I've had on repeat this week3) A short thought or idea you can put into action or reflect on for the weekend.

So pretty simple.

So let's get started.

1) Tool


It's a cute little squirrel that helps you track your subscriptions.

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I like it because I like to keep a high level view of my expenses.  And it helps me get a gauge on the “monthly” costs of services I pay for annually, like Dropbox.

On a side note… One expense I won't have anymore is a landing page builder, as I bought the exclusive lifetime offer for Mike Filsaime's GroovePages.

(The offer is officially closed, but there is a backdoor link to get it at ONE LIFETIME payment this weekend only is here.)

I love eliminating monthly expenses with a quality alternative if one becomes available.  (But it's got to be quality!)

If you want to use Bobby for free…
Get Bobby here.

They have a freemium model, so you can track a certain number of subscriptions.  So if you want to start, I'd recommend with those annual ones so you can get a quick view on how much they are costing you a month!

2) Song

A song I've had on repeat this week is Think Twice by Erykah Badu.

This song just gets in my head.  I love some of her repetitive jams.  This one is with the jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove.

3) Concept

Do it now.

If you have a small window to knock something out.  Do it now.  Just don't think and get into action.  Just start.

That's how I got my deck power-washed this weekend.   I just brought up the machine and started.

Actions have power.

Have a fantastic weekend.

PS – The GroovePages lifetime offer is over.  But there is a backdoor link available this weekend ONLY.

$495 one-time only for a page builder built by the same team that built industry-titan, WebinarJam.

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Heck yeah. I'll take that anyday.

If you want to lock in on GroovePages (like I did!) grab the GroovePages offer here!
My advice?  Don't sleep on this.  You need a page builder as a marketer.  Full stop.

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