Weekend Beat: Episode 6

It's the Weekend!  Time for the Weekend Beat to get you through your weekend.

First up, sports!

Big Up to Toronto Raptors for winning their first NBA championship.  I enjoyed catching some of the games down the stretch.

kyle lowry


Kyle Lowry was incredible.

Also, the Women's World Cup is on – some really good games coming up still in the group stage.

If you're a cord cutter, like me, you can watch the games this month on FuboTV.
So here are your three nuggets…

1) A tool or resource I've been using (often free).2) A song I've had on repeat this week3) A short thought or idea you can put into action or reflect on for the weekend.

So pretty simple.

So let's get started.

1) Tool

This is a tool you will want to check out if you have any crypto.
It's called Cryptagon.

It's a web app that tracks your crypto portfolio though API for free.

And it has some nice charts so you can see your portfolio broken down by exchange or coin.
One of the more obscure things about crypto, is that sometimes it's hard to conceptualize how much a certain altcoin is worth in USD terms.  Well, that's why an app like this is really helpful.

You can connect via READ-ONLY API keys.

Note: Make sure you always connect via READ-ONLY API keys.  For some exchanges, like Binance and Poloniex, you need to just uncheck everything other than read only.

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Don't have any crypto yet?  Buy $100 worth of crypto here and just hold it.

And if you already have crypto, start using Cryptagon and let me know what you think!

2) Song

A song I've had on repeat this week is Girl from the North Country by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.
I'm not a big fan of country, especially new country.  But this is a really nice song.
It's off a Bob Dylan album called Nashville Skyline.  It was Dylan's 9th album and is the one where he sang in this weird country style that he only did for this one album.

The backup musicians are some of the top Nashville session guys of the time, including Kenny Buttrey and Charlie McCoy – and the songs are simple but lovely.  I actually own an old vinyl copy of this one and love the way it sounds on vinyl.

Anyway, the song is a gem if you have not heard it before.

3) Concept

Three questions.

I had a chance encounter with a stranger a couple days ago running an errand, and it turned into a lengthy, deep conversation.

One of the interesting sidenotes was the concept of 3 questions.  If you ask somebody three questions, starting with “How's your day been going so far?” and then following up with a couple more – you'll likely find some common ground with anybody.

The quality depends on the next questions.  But if you ask something aimed towards a specific, you should be in good shape.

So the challenge this weekend is to try it out.

Ask.  Three questions.  You got this!

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Have a fantastic weekend.

PS – This is Important!

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$495 one-time only for a page builder built by the same team that built industry-titan, WebinarJam.

Heck yeah. I'll take that anyday.

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