What is Popup Domination?

What is Popup Domination?

Popup Domination is a lightbox software with a high conversion rate for getting subscribers to your list. The software includes a WordPress plug-in as well as software that will work on any website.

popup domination

Features of Popup Domination

popup domination

Popup Domination works on any website and with any mailing list provider such as iContact, AWeber, etc. It has 7 different themes with 15 different colour options. In addition you can choose which WordPress page or pages it is installed on, how it comes up on exit and also how many impressions the page must have received from the visitor before the popup is shown.

In addition, Popup Domination can work with any mailing list provider by simply entering the HTML code provided. The Popup Domination software is easy to use and doesn’t require any programming knowledge but if you do have some programming knowledge and would like to further customize your lightbox then you can use the advanced editor to adjust the pop up even further.

After you have installed this plug in and have customized it to suit your website then it will come up at the schedules you specify helping to increase the opt in rate to your newsletter and build your subscriber list.

Cost of Popup Domination

The price of Popup Domination is currently $47 once-off; however there is talk of this going up. You also receive a 60 day money back guarantee so that you can try the product for a while and if you’re not happy with it then just request the guarantee.

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Making Money with Popup Domination

The affiliate program calculations are already based on what they are talking of pushing the price up to – $77 with recurring continuity amounts of $37. This means that if you make a sale it is valued at $299 and you receive commission of $150/customer you sign up. The affiliate program is administered by Clickbank, a well-known and popular affiliate manager for digitally downloadable products.

popup dominationPopup Domination is a piece of software that you can use on any of your websites to increase your visitor to subscriber conversion ratios. If you need more subscribers or more money then consider Popup Domination.

If you buy through our link, I'll have my team install it and configure it to work with your Aweber for free.  Plus, I can give you a discount on a custom ebook design to increase your conversions using Popup Domination.


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