Justin Christianson’s iTrackerPro Review

Justin Christianson's iTrackerPro Review

Update: I do NOT recommend iTrackerPro.  Read the full review to see what I use to track now.

What is iTrackerPro?

itrackerpro review

Peter Drucker said it best. What gets measured, gets managed. Period. Here's a wake-up call to all affiliate marketers. If you're not tracking your clicks, conversions, and sales, you're just guessing.

And yes, I understand it's a pain sometimes, and really confusing (most of the time).  I've been there.  And every time I've skipped tracking, I've regretted it.

iTrackerPro is a simple-to-use tracking software to track your links, and create funnels that actually convert.

Who is Justin Christianson?

Justin Christianson, the founder of Monster Ventures, LLC is actually one of the original founders of Magnetic Sponsoring.

Yes, THAT Magentic Sponsoring with Mike Dillard and Tim Erway (who I just met at Jonathan Budd's Unstoppable Entrepreneur event in San Diego.)

Justin is now putting all his energy into iTrackerPro – and aims to make this the “aweber of tracking services.”

Justin is a great guy, I just don't love his software.

What is iTrackerPro?

It's clear everyone needs an autoresponder service like Aweber.  it would be foolish NOT to use one.  Everyone now sees that.  But tracking is a bit more obscure.  Let's me be frank: Everyone NEEDS to be tracking their campaigns.  This is the #1 difference between the top dogs and the people who scrape by.

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Here's what I don't like about iTrackerPro:

The heatmap is a bit clunky.  If you need heatmaps, check out the trial of CrazyEgg.

I found the user interface lacking.

I didn't feel like the code was clean and loaded fast.  (This is just my impression, I did not test this.)

The billing system is pretty atrocious.

My iTrackerPro Bonus

And I recently did a webinar where I showed the attendees how to create a lead capture page in wordpress, and split-test it.  You'll get this webinar also even if you just join iTrackerPro at the FREE level.

(This bonus is available if you join ANY of the tracking services listed in this review.)

How can I start my iTrackerPro trial?

Just click here to open your iTrackerPro trial.  Then email your receipt number to our helpdesk to collect your bonuses.

Happy tracking!

What I Use Instead of iTrackerPro:

I found iTrackerPro to be a bit clunky.  And I really disliked the billing system also.  I have to really like the user interface or I know I won't use it.  That's the #1 reason I never could use HyperTracker also.

I now use the following tracking software solutions:

GetClicky for general analytics (So I can avoid Google Analytics, which I am a bit paranoid of.)

And EasyTrackerPro for tracking sales and conversions for paid marketing.



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